Manic Mondays Summer 2013   August 27, 2013 at 10:35am

Manic Mondays has completed for 2013

It started out as an idea to try some different formats during disc golf leagues in season 1 (Spring). Then I decided to take the ideas to a whole new level in Summer. I went from 5 formats to 10 formats . . . and I even added Match Play as an additional format to settle who the winners were. Not only did you need to play 6 weeks of the league . . . you also needed to finish in the top 8 in your division . . . then you needed to beat others in head to head matchups in order to take home the divisional title. In the end I am very happy with how things played out with this league setup and I am sure hopeful that you enjoyed yourself throughout. I know not every format was everyones favorite but I do think that everyone can learn from the different formats. You have to remember that disc golf is not all 100% physical . . . you have to have a strong mental game just like in golf. I am hopeful these formats all contributed to your games throughout the year! In the end it seemed enjoyable for everyone . . . thanks again for being loyal attendees . . . I appreciate it more than you can imagine. It makes it a lot easier to know there will always be a core group of people coming to league each week . . . sometimes even regardless of the weather.

SO . . . The Match Play Finals and Consolation matches completed today:

In Open . . . Scott Slauson (#1 seed) defeated Brad Weber (#2 seed) to win the Open Division. I found it interesting that there was only 1 upset in the division . . . with Joel Kamoske (#4 seed) defeating TJ Webber (#3 seed) in the Consolation Match. Take into consideration that the average scores from the #1 seed to the #8 seed had a differential of about 5 throws per round . . . that is not surprising at all. The #2 seed through the #5 seed were only a differential of 1.5 or so. That is a tight grouping of abilities.

In Intermediate . . . Patrick Brah (#1 seed) defeated the Cinderella story of Manic Mondays Match Play Dan Bertzyk (#7 seed) 2 UP to take down the Intermediate Division. Dan had beaten Greg Klein (#2 seed) as well as Aaron Zittnan (#6 seed) to advance to the finals . . .and showed he can compete with the best of the division. He definitely rose to the occasion during the Match Play. The Consolation Match saw Chris Daskam (#4 seed) defeating Aaron Zittnan (#6 seed) 3 & 2. This scenario seemed best suited to this division since there was only a 3 throw differential between the #1 and #8 seed. Anyone on a hot streak had a chance to make a move in the playoffs . . . while anyone struggling might not be so fortunate.

In Recreational . . . Mark Olver (#3 seed) defeated Greg Weber (#1 seed) on Saturday since Greg was unable to play tonight. The lower seed Disc Dog (#4) also defeated Nick Williams (#2 seed). Not that I question anyone's abilities in this division . . . but it doesn't surprise me that it played out the way it did. All 4 of these players who made the match play had averages within 1 throw of each other and that proves that anyone can win at any time in Match Play.

When playing in flighted divisions . .. I think this idea brings a whole new element to the game of disc golf leagues. It isn't just about attending the most leagues . . . or having the best scoring average . . . sometimes you have to elevate your game . . . sometimes you have to play through injury . . . sometimes you have to play the opponent and not just against yourself. I think it showed up in more than one occasion where someone had their personal bests at the most crucial time of the league.

I would like to think that the league actually made many of you better players . . . and I look forward to seeing your further advancement. Some of you have already indicated you want to move up . . . that is a positive thing to hear . . . because that means you want to play against better players. You will learn from watching them . . . you will learn from losing to them multiple weeks on what shots you need to add to your arsenal. However, you are not required to move up if your average places you in a particular division . . . but I will not stop anyone from wanting to move up to compete against the next level of players.

While my other league is wrapping up in 2 weeks . . . we head into the glow season . . . a time to truly just have fun. If you have not played in a glow league in the past I highly recommend it. Throw out your competitive spirit and just hope to survive the round. We will all make stupid mistakes and we will all hit branches we did not see .. . just continue to play disc golf in the fall despite the earlier sunsets and come out and have some fun. DISCIN IN THE DARK was my travelling league last season but I decided to focus my efforts at 1 course . . . Valley View. This league will be taking place on Mondays. I also continued with the travelling theme and am running Travelling Glow Throwers this fall on Thursdays. Both leagues start the week of September 8th and will run through November. I am excited to play some glow DG since fall is my favorite time of year in WI!!!!