Manic Mondays Summer 2013   August 25, 2013 at 10:36pm

Match Play Finals and Consolation matches

Well everyone . . . we already have one divisional winner decided because they would have been unable to play their match tomorrow. I have the trophies all put together and ready for you to customize them again . . . I hope to see some of you who have already been knocked out of the Match Play Finals tomorrow to spectate and put the pressure on the finalists. I do not want noise or heckling but I want extra eyes on everyone to make them feel like they are in a big tournament. That will truly decide who is the most rounded player . . . who has the mental fortitude and physical ability to rise to the occasion?

Good luck to all competitors and thank you to everyone who has attended this league this season.

Scott Slauson and Brad Weber to decide the Open Divison . . . while TJ Webber will be battling Joel Kamoske for 3rd place.

In Intermediate we will have Patrick Brah against Dan Bertzyk for the Divisional Winner while Chris Daskam will try to defeat Aaron Zittnan for 3rd place.

The Recreational division has been decided in terms of first and second but Disc Dog and Nick Williams will be playing for the 3rd place trophy.

If you cannot come out for the match play portion tomorrow (6PM start), I will be doing the trophy ceremony in the Valley View Parking Lot immediately after all of the matches complete. I will be putting out all of my inventory after the trophy ceremony to give everyone a chance to redeem any funny money or pick up a nice disc they have been waiting to get. Then we will head up to Quaker Steak and Lube to celebrate and discuss the season. I think it went pretty well but am always open to suggestions.