Manic Mondays Summer 2013   August 20, 2013 at 8:43pm

A few glitches

Well there were a few glitches and circumstances that occurred on this first attempt at making Match Play a factor in Manic Mondays. I will learn from these issues and make sure it is better planned out for next year.

1) One person could not come which lead to a forfeit also causing a need to alter my already figured out payouts.
2) One match did not completely understand the scoring. They thought someone had won the match because one person had a better score but in fact they were tied after 18 holes in Match Play scoring. They will have to meet up to do a sudden death playoff (first person to win a hole outright wins the match) to determine the winner.
3) One person in the finals cannot be here next week so they will have to try and arrange the finals on their own . . . I am completely fine with that but now they have to wait on the match that wasn't completed. Perhaps the finals could be a completely play on your own time so that it gives everyone a fair chance to play their matches in the event of a schedule conflict.
4) A couple people showed up wanting to play a match with someone but I was out playing my match. This was made necessary because we had to play two matches and better planning would have helped me realize the ramifications of that better.
5) There was no ace pool . . . and someone hit an ace! The reason there was no ace pool is because not everyone was playing the same number of holes and it wouldn't really be fair to charge everyone for the ace pool and someone who happens to play more holes has more chances at an ace.
6) The basket on #13 was less than ideal but I did what I could to make it fair. I hope it didn't cost anyone a match. I hope to have them (9 and 13) repaired by next week . . . but the parks department hasn't called me back today about bringing them in for welding like we had planned. Brad Weber did get his ace to stick on the broken basket so it couldn't have been too bad.

All in all I feel like this format is something I need to keep a part of this league. It is intense and a whole different strategy. What do you think . . . please post comments below or on facebook. Thanks for being patient while I work out all of the kinks in these new ideas I have!!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed this league (and all my leagues) and I hope you have to. Give me criticisms or compliments on what you like and dislike. I will do whatever I can to make things work better down the road.