Manic Mondays Summer 2013   August 6, 2013 at 10:46am

Stableford: The beginning of the end

The Stableford format is a unique format in that it isn't your overall score that determines how you finish on the night. . . it is points earned from each individual hole. It is one instance where an inconsistent player can do well as long as they capitalize on the birdie and ace chances. Since there were no aces it came down to who was slightly more aggressive to really go for that one putt that made the difference. There were also a couple instances where one person (with a higher score) actually beat out someone with a better score because they had more birdies despite having more bogies or double bogies. It rewards aggressiveness because a birdie and a bogey are worth 1 more point than 2 pars. Playing safe . . . doesn't benefit anyone in this format. I think most people understood that and can see the real world differences.

In Open we had a newcomer Derek Radtke prove he is in the correct division for sure shooting only his 3rd round at VV (-14) which was bogey free for 46 points. There were three disappointed people (Me, TJ Webber, and Todd Farnham) waiting anxiously in the parking lot for Derek, Joel, and Brad to finish so we would know if we needed to settle out 3 way tie (-12) in a playoff for the divisional win. Each of us had a bogey and 13 birdies so we still ended in a 3 way tie for 2nd with 43 points. It turned out Derek stole our excitement by beating us . . . and by 2 throws none the less. Nice shooting Derek, we all hope to see you come back to challenge us all to do better next time. Dave Olson had the only other double digit round (-11) to take 5th place and get the last of the cash with his 40 points.

In Intermediate we saw the top of the division drop slightly in the overall points standings and the middle of the pack in the division as well as two newcomers stealing some of their points away. One Newcomer Tim Jensen (-8) ended up beating out Chris Daskam because Tim had one more birdie but despite a bogey (for 35 points) he beat out Chris with one less birdie but no bogey on the card (who ended with 34 points). They shot the same score, but the extra birdie helped propel Tim to the 1 point win. That was the difference maker in this division tonight.Following close behind with good scores of (-7) and 33 points were Aaron Zittnan and Gordon Frater. Following close behind was Jared Jacobson who just last Wednesday aced 2 holes in the same round (a feat I have only ever heard of happening once before) who shot (-6) for 32 points. Shaun Kirchner also had a (-6) but fell short in points because Jared had more birdies despite a few bogies. Again . . . the aggressiveness of making the extra birdies proves to decide part of this division tonight. I hate to discourage consistency, but in this format . . . the bogies hurt less than the birdies help so GO FOR THOSE BIRDIES!

In Recreational we had the top two contenders not come this week . . . Greg Weber (back issue) and Disc Dog (wore out from weekend get-away) but unfortunately for Mark and Nick who were hoping for more points, only one other person showed up this week and. Keegan Wenzler returned after a few weeks away to shot (-6) for 31 points while Nick Williams pulled out a solid (-5) for 29 points and second place. Mark does add a point to his total however because he had already missed two weeks.

As it stands right now . . .

Open: We may have 8 people in the divisional match play if Dave Olson and Dustin Skorupinski come in week 10. It doesn't matter where they finish on the night, they just need to play to qualify and they are in the Match Play where ANYONE CAN WIN THE WHOLE THING! If either or both of them do not come in Week #10 then the #1 and/or #2 seed will end up with a first round bye allowing the lower seeds to battle out who will be playing in the Semifinals (4 players) and eventually the Finals (2 players).

Intermediate: We have 7 people already qualified . . . but one of the players has not shown up the last 3 weeks and I have not heard from him since. I hope he can make it to the match play portion of the league but if not there will be the potential for two other people who need to play the final week (Dan Bertzyk and Collin Kingsbury) to squeeze into the divisional match play. Collin is not guaranteed a spot if Joe B. wants to play in the playoffs because he has a higher point total than is likely reachable, but if Joe B. cannot play or Dan B doesn't show, Collin could be in if he just shows up.

Recreational: The current top 2 seeds (Greg Weber and Disc Dog) decided they were comfortable with wherever they get placed in the match play bracket and did not come this week (although they both did give valid reasons (Bad Back and a long roadtrip weekend). Either way this will be a 4 person divisional match play event where the #1 seed will play the #4 seed and the #2 and #3 will go head to head in week #11 (August 19th). In Week #12 (August 26th) the winners will be battling for the divisional win while the players who lose in the first week will be battling for the third spot and a trophy. Either way this group is very closely concentrated in points and double points night might determine who they play in their matches. It should be interesting!