Manic Mondays Summer 2013   July 30, 2013 at 9:14pm

CTP Week

We had a guest spinner of the wheel of disc-fortune tonight. Steve Taylor took a few spins on the wheel and finally ended on CTP Week. That means next week is Stableford and Week #10 is DOUBLE POINTS SINGLES. You do not want to miss the last week if you are jockeying for position in the bracket for the Match Play portion of the league. Just remember anyone who makes the Match Play Bracket can win their entire division. Even if you are the 8 seed you can take down the top spot, you just have to out strategize and out play your opponents.

As I said before, even if you do not make it to the match play bracket I encourage you to still show up in Weeks 11 and 12 *August 19th and 26th) and I will get you paired up with someone else who wants to see what Match Play is all about.

In Open this week the top card was a heated battle. There was a 3 way tie for first at (-13) between Scott Slauson, Brad Weber, and TJ Webber. TJ Missed his birdie on #1 so he ended up in 3rd and Scott ended up beating Brad to take first this week. Oddly enough Scott ended up with only $3 in CTP's which if you examine that closely that means he made a lot of birdies but was forced to make longer putts than others. If you have not played with Scott before I recommend watching him putt from 35+ feet. He is by far one of the better jump putters around and seemingly is more likely to make a 40' putt than a 30' putt. That might be an exaggeration but I have seen him make so many long jump putts in all of my rounds with him, that it certainly feels like that is the case. Brad and TJ both ended up with $4 in CTP's while Joel Kamoske (-12) ended up with the most CTP's with $5. On the second card Dustin Skorupinski (-8) ended up with 6 CTP's for $4, Bob Bawden (-7) had the most CTP's (7) for $5 and I had a rough night (-5) but still managed to get 5 CTP's for $3.

Scott, Brad, TJ, Joel, Me, and Bob are qualified for the Match Play while Dustin S., Aaron S., Dave O. all need to play the last 2 weeks to qualify for the match play otherwise the bracket will be just us 6 players. That means the #1 and #2 seeds will get first round byes.

In Intermediate the top card saw Greg Klein shoot the hot round again (-9) while taking home $3.50 in CTP's. Jared Jacobson cleaned house on the CTP's with $7 while shooting a (-6). Pat Brah also shot (-6) but ended up with $5.50 in CTP's. Shaun Kirchner shot a (-5) for $3.50 in CTP's. On the second card we saw the second best Intermediate score from Chad Niezgoda (-7) who is relishing the role of spoiler. He goes home with only $2.50 in CTP's because of Jared's solid driving tonight. Aaron Zittnan ended up with $3.50 in CTP's while shooting a (-4). Chris Daskam managed $2.50 in CTP's for his (-3).

Greg, Pat, Shaun, Jared, Aaron, Chris, and Joe B. are already qualified for the Match Play but there is room for one more person. Dan B. and Collin K. are the only two people who can still get into the Match Play but Joe B. better be careful or he might miss out if both of them attend one more week and play well since only the Top 8 people who qualify get to play.

In Recreational we had all of our regulars attend this week. Greg Weber shot a solid Intermediate level round (-7) while playing on the Women's card so he walks away with all 18 CTP's for $4. Mark Olver ended up the big winner in Recreational with his $5 in CTP's for his (-4) round. Disc Dog also shot (-4) and takes home $4 in CTP's. Nick Williams ended up with a (-1) but still managed $2 in CTP's and Brian Williams who shot (+1) still managed $5 in CTP's.

The Recreational bracket will have four contenders but their seeding is yet to be determined. Right now Greg Weber would be the #1 seed and he would be playing Nick Williams the #4 seed. The other side of the bracket would be Disc Dog #2 seed versus Mark Olver #3 seed. Those seeds can still change especially with Double Points night but as of right now, after dropping the worst two weeks that is how the bracket would line up. Do you like that matchup or do you want to play someone else you think you have an edge over?

The winners of the first round matches would play each other in the finals and the losers would play each other to decide who ends up in 3rd place. Like I said anyone can win it with a hot round so bring your A game and bring your strategery. You can do it!

In the Women's division tonight we had Cassandra Brah shooting (+10) and taking $2.50 in CTP's while Loriena had a (+15) but still was able to get $1.50 in CTP's.

Ethan Weber had a (+35) but it is good to see him showing up every week.