Manic Mondays Summer 2013   July 23, 2013 at 6:59pm

Dealer's Choice Decided by Scott Slauson

The first few spins of the wheel were done by different people and all landed on events we have already played. Finally on the 4th spin Scott Slauson landed on Dealer's Choice. He decided to make the Double Points week be skins game. I heard him later doubting his decision and thought he should have done Alternate Tees instead. Once he called it out, it was decided however so Skins Game it was. I figured it would have been Skins Game, CTP week, or Alternate Tees as those seem to be highly embraced league formats in this league.

In Open we saw a lot of carryovers on both cards. I would expect that to happen a lot more in the upper divisions because anyone can deuce any hole on any day. On the Top Card we saw TJ Webber with the hot round (-13) of the night and he was rewarded with 10 skins for $9. Scott Slauson had the worst round (-9) on the top card but still managed to get 7 skins for $6 because he hit 1 big putt in the 3 hole playoff. I would say that is pressure putting! Joel Kamoske (-11) also took home 1 skin for $1 while Brad Weber was shutout in skins despite tying for 2nd place overall (-11) in Open.

On the second card we saw only 4 holes won outright just like the top card. I hit a skin on #4 after we pushed the first three holes and also a 5 hole playoff carryover for a total of 9 skins and $8 while tying for second on the card (-9). Bob Bawden ended up with an 8 hole carryover worth $6. Dave Olson tied me (-9) and unfortunately ended up with only 1 skin. Chris Onopa was somehow shutout of the skins despite the best round on the card (-11).

TJ moves up the ladder with his outright win and he helped distance himself this week from the others because there was a three way tie for 2nd as well as 5th. He may be sitting in 4th place right now but the points he is dropping are a lot smaller than the guys at the top right now so the contest for the top 4 seeds in the match play bracket is going to be interesting.

In Intermediate on the top card we saw the biggest skin winner ever Pat Brah take down 17 skins on 2 holes (14 and a 3) while shooting a solid (-7) for $11.00 FM. Then Shaun Kirchner got the remaining skin on the card for $1 FM. Greg Klein ended up shut out of the skins but he still remains atop the leaderboard for the division. That 1 seed might even earn him a bye if we do not end up with 8 eligible players, so he will look to rebound next week and maintain his overall lead.

On the second card we saw another large Skin winner in Aaron Zittnan who managed to muster a (-8) with 15 skins where he won 4 holes outright. Jared Jacobson was only 1 throw behind Aaron but walks away with just two skins worth $2. Collin Kingsbury who ended up (+1) on the night gets $1 FM for the 1 skin he won when he birdied #18. Chris Daskam had a close to his average round (-4) but walks away empty handed in the skins.

In Recreational we saw Disc Dog taking 9 skins worth $8.50 FM by winning 3 holes outright on his way to a (-2). Only 1 throw behind him were Greg Weber (-1) and Mark Olver (-1). Greg ended up with 4 skins on two holes to take home $3.50. Mark Olver ended up with 2 skins for $1.50 while Nick WIlliams who shot (Even) ended up with 3 skins for $2.50. That is competitive in score, competitive in skins, and competitive in the point totals for the first 7 weeks of league. The Recreational division looks to have what will be a small bracket for the matchplay but any of those 4 could walk away with the victory with 2 really good rounds. I suggest getting yourself into the #1 seed just in case because it might earn you a first round bye if 5 or more people are eligible for the Match Play portion of the league. Right now Only Keegan Wenzler and Billy Barnes can join the Match Play portion if they come the last 3 weeks of league, otherwise it will be the 4 of you (assuming Mark makes it a minimum of 1 more week, Greg, Disc Dog, and Nick are already qualified) battling it out the final 2 weeks of league in the Match Play. I will enjoy that immensely because it has been so close so far.

Here are the people already qualified for the Match Play Portion of the league:

Scott Slauson
Brad Weber
Joel Kamoske
TJ Webber
Mike Harrington

Greg Klein
Pat Brah
Shaun Kirchner
Joe B.
Chris Daskam

Greg Weber
Disc Dog
Nick Williams

Here are the people who can still earn their spots into the Match Play portion of Manic Mondays if they attend some of the next 3 weeks:

Open: 3 spots left to be claimed and 4 contenders
Bob Bawden (1 more week minimum)
Dave Olson (2 of the next 3 weeks)
Aaron Schultz (2 of the next 3 weeks)
Dustin Skorupinski (the final 3 weeks)

Intermediate 3 spots left to be claimed and 4 contenders
Jared Jacobson (1 more week minimum)
Dan Bertzyk (1 more week minimum)
Aaron Zittnan (1 more week minimum)
Collin Kingsbury (1 more week minimum)

Recreational Up to 3 spots to be claimed if they hit the minimum weeks requirement of 6 weeks
Mark Olver (1 more week minimum)
Billy Barnes (the final 3 weeks)
Keegan Wenzler (the final 3 weeks)

If you know these guys and want to see them make it into the Match Play portion, I suggest you let them know they still have a chance if they attend 1-3 of the final 3 weeks. I am excited to see how the seeding comes out and the Match Play brackets decide the winners. It should be interesting!