Manic Mondays Summer 2013   July 12, 2013 at 11:49pm

Week #6 (7/15) ALTERNATE TEES

I have re-marked all of the alternate tees on the course so people can practice the throws this weekend if they desire. I have a map that I can send you and you can print it out if you would like. Otherwise you can find them on your own using these descriptions. I changed a couple from where they were at the beginning because I found better spots.

#1) Behind and to the left of the metal bench near #1 tee
#2) ON the pavement on the southeast corner of the pumphouse building
#3) On the path 100' past #2 basket
#4) On the fairway about 50' short of the normal tee
#5) Off the right side of the fairway about 35' short of the normal tee
#6) Over the bridge and off to the right side of the fairway
#7) About 50' longer than the current tee
#8) Up the hill to the right of the current tee
#9) To the right of the big tree on the right 35' off the tee
#10) To the left of the big tree near the tee
#11) Down the path behind #11 tee about 75'
#12) On the mulch leading to the bonfire area
#13) Off to the right and slightly behind the current tee
#14) About 50' behind the current tee
#15) Off to the left of #14 basket in the grass . . . look for orange rock
#16) To the right of the little tree on the right side of the current tee
#17) From the pavement by the building to the right of #16
#18) About 50' longer on the soap box track