Manic Mondays Summer 2013   July 11, 2013 at 12:59am

Week 5 revisited

Well we had a nice ace pool going this week after 4 weeks of noone hitting an ace and Greg Weber decided it was his turn. He took home $90, but I owe him another $1 because I had not written down one persons entry fee. Congratulations Greg!

In Open.. . . 1 disc night seemed to play about a throw or two harder than a normal night. We had Scott Slauson defeat Joel Kamoske (-11) in a playoff to take first and second this week. Then followed a few shots behind them were Brad Weber and TJ Webber with (-8). Bob Bawden and I had to split the last remaining cash with (-7).

In Intermediate we had Greg Klein with a solid and better than his average score (-9) to win the division. Shaun Kirchner also posted a score better than his average with a (-8). Aaron Zittnan and Dan Bertzyk tied with (-5) and Chris Daskam (-4) was just 1 throw behind them for the last of the funny money.

In Recreational we saw a personal best round by Keegan Wenzler (-9) while his previous scores put him right in line with the top end of Recreational. He just had one heck of a week with a disc he bought from me before the round. I have more of these so called "Magical" discs if anyone else wants to try to set their personal bests and I would never tell a lie . . . I always tell the TRUTH! In second behind Keegan was Greg Weber who apparently had some trouble calming down after the ace but still had a decent round (-1). Then Nick Williams followed up with a round of (E) for the last of the funny money.

Ethan Weber also had an excellent round in the juniors especially considering it was 1 disc night. Thanks for paying for you and your dad . . . I hope you got your $10 back plus a little extra piece of that ace pool. I would think 10% is fair so $9.00.

Perhaps those of you who did better than normal with 1 disc should consider that in future rounds. I do know some people who carry a smaller bag at VV because it avoids confusion and makes you throw less discs. I personally think that I play much better (I would venture to guess 1-2 throws better) with more discs and rather than manipulating the discs to do what they aren't "supposed" to do, that I let the different discs do all the work. Other people seem to have an easier time throwing less discs and making them fly differently. You just have to find what works for you and stick to it!