Manic Mondays Summer 2013   June 30, 2013 at 11:59pm

Skins Game (A popular format), MULCH, and No ALT. Tees this week again

The Skins Game seemed to be a very popular format. I found it interesting that it actually caused people to cheer for one another from time to time to tie and push the skin to the next hole. We actually had a group watch our Hole #7 because they knew 7 skins were on the line.

In Open I had the hot round of the night with (-12) and got $7.75 in skin money. Scott Slauson also got $7.75 in skin money for his (-11) because he was in the other group. Brad Weber got $2.50 in skins with a solid (-10) but he was playing against the top Open players and beating Slauson was tough.Bob Bawden found a way to get $4.00 in skins even though he was 2 shots behind Brad. He just had good holes when others didn't. Dave Olson, Peter Ralph, and Aaron Schultz also walked away with $2.75 each and Joel Kamoske got $1.75.

In Intermediate Aaron Zittnan walks away with $9 in skin money with his (-11), Greg Klein gets $8 for his (-7) while Pat Brah ended up with $7 for his (-7). Joe B must have had a tough group because he shot (-6) but only got $2 worth of skins while Chris Daskam ended up with a (-5) and won $10 in funny money. Shaun Kirchner tied Chris at (-5) but only got $2 in skins. Chad Niezgoda and Jared Jacobson also got $1 in skins money.

In Recreational Greg Weber got the most skin money ($8) for his (-3) while Keegan shot the same score and only won $2. Then Disc Dog and Nick Williams both got $3 for their (-2) and (Even) rounds.

Unfortunately, we still have not brought in another woman to the league. I was hoping that we might get someone to compete with Cassandra. Have you all mentioned it to your significant others?

Shaun Kirchner, Brian Williams, Nick Williams, Pat Brah, Billy Barnes and myself were out at VV today for about 4 hours hauling mulch with Shauns 4-wheeler and trailer. We were able to do the paths between 11 basket and 12 tee (through the woods), and from 12 basket to 13 tee as well as around #11 long, #10 short left, and #8 Left . . . so we also moved those baskets into the newer locations. I am hopeful that the parks department can begin placing some piles of mulch soo so we have full use of this course the rest of the summer.

The Alternate Tees format is not playable again this week . . . we hauled a bunch of mulch today in order to move some baskets and get rid of some muddy spots. I am hopeful to get some mulch placed and bricks in the ground to more easily mark the alternate tees before we play that format. I think I might have some time this coming 4th of July weekend.