Manic Mondays Summer 2013   June 18, 2013 at 6:20pm

There were a couple errors so I reposted this . . .

Well . . . this new and experimental format was met with mixed reviews . . . I personally thought we would have a whole lot more action on the points. I also thought that almost everyone would get some points . . . unfortunately I was one of the people who got blanked so I know how "NOT FUN" this format was for many of you. Some of it may have been the wind and some of it may have been the awkward distances of 100-125'. Either way I think we need to do some tweaking of the format to make sure it is both fun and unique. I will take all criticism and compliments and use it to make sure this format gets adjusted for the future . . . or if it gets removed completely.


In Open we had the hot shooting Scott Slauson with 2 points for one basket hit taking down a lot of money for just 1 shot . . . but it was better than the other open players . . . some of that comes down to deciding if you are running at the basket or trying to layup for a guaranteed drop in. In this format if you are laying up for a drop in you are playing it incorrectly . . . all that matters in this format is hitting metal of any kind so don;t be afraid to make some firm runs at the basket. In second we had a three way tie between Brad Weber, TJ Webber, and Dustin Skorupinski for the last of the cash in open with pole hits (1 point) by each of them.

In Intermediate we had Pat Brah with a LEAGUE DOMINATING 10 points with an ace, two basket hits and a pole hit. Following close behind was Greg Klein with 7 points with two basket hits and a chains hit. Jared Jacobson was only 1 point back with an Ace and a pole hit. Dan Bertzyk with a chains hit and a basket hit for 5 points was just behind. Then Collin Kingsbury and Shaun Kirchner each had a pole hit for 1 point to split the last of the funny money.

In Recreational we had Mark Olver with an Ace and a chains hit for 8 points. Brian Williams had an Ace for 5 points and the last of the funny money. Congratulations gentlemen!

In the Women's Division Cassandra did better than any other woman at league tonight so she will bring home a little funny money for attending while all the other women stayed home . . . :(

Maybe we could get some of the other DOLLS to come to MANIC MONDAYS . . . I can certainly accommodate the women. Valley View is better than Estabrook for women (In my opinion) and I have reduced fees to try and entice some more women to come play. If the women wanted to attend Manic Mondays and pay $1 to the course but not play for any money . . . I would also be fine with that . . . I just would love to see a small group of women at every league out there, so invite your lady friends.

I am thinking about not allowing Alternate Tees next week to make sure that people are ok with that type of setup. I think it is fun and a great idea but if others feel like the setup is goofy or not fun . . . I am ok to try and find another format. Just give me your feedback. I am doing this league for you all and I want as many people to have fun as possible so if anything is not well received I am completely fine figuring out something else that works. I can take all criticism . . . in fact criticism is easier for me to take than compliments so bring it on. Give me your honest feedback! Was the Ace Race worth keeping and would the alternate tee setup be fun for everyone?

Mike Harrington   June 18, 2013 at 10:31am

There will be a 4 way split of the $20 ace pool . . . Pat Brah, Mark Olver, Brian Williams, and Jared Jacobson will each get $5 for their aces. I was hoping for more aces and metal hits but at least someone took some ace pool money home.

Mike Harrington   June 18, 2013 at 11:24am

Also the way you are entered into the leaderboard is by the points you earned not score since we did not finish any holes.

Nick Williams   June 21, 2013 at 11:40pm

HeY Mike, just wanted 2 give some feedback, I enjoyed the ace race, and would loo k forward to alt. tees., I like the change sometimes, good practice, maybe throw in c.t.p to add to competition?

Mike Harrington   June 25, 2013 at 11:48am

Thanks Nick . . . I had fun with it even though I didn't hit anything . . . however I also realize it doesn't feel like a disc golf round even because there was no score or anything. I will take all of the feedback and see what I can come up with for future leagues. It might be better rese ... more