Manic Mondays   May 20, 2013 at 1:16am

Week #9 Weather and One Disc Night

As most of us know already we are guaranteed to be playing One Disc Night tomorrow because we had the Manic Multiplier hit and Putters Only was selected. The 10th and final week (WHICH WILL BE PLAYED on June 3rd due to the Memorial Day Holiday) will be Double Points Singles, the standard format you all have been accustomed to.

Right now the forecast for the week looks terrible including tomorrow night. I am hopeful in thinking that the weather will hold off tomorrow so we can get in our round but at the same time I am going to set my own precedent and say that I will not put you in danger just to complete a league round. I personally played through a ton of lightning this weekend because I needed to get my fix of disc golf on a family filled weekend, but I don't think it is fair or right to put anyone in danger just to complete a round of disc golf. I will say this . . . a decision for league will be made at the normal start time 6:00 PM.. I will not make a decision beforehand unless it is obvious that league will not be occurring and I will post it on facebook (if my phone and the weather also allow it) but you can always call me to see where we stand at 262 894 3404. I will think about what to do if a league round gets cancelled after I have been taking league fees. I don;t want to get into makeup dates but that is a possibility, perhaps I could offer some makeup times for a round to be played, or we could just decide the divisions on the best 7 of 9 weeks, or even still just add another week. Regardless I need to establish the normal protocol because this is bound to happen in future leagues.