Manic Mondays   May 14, 2013 at 5:20am

Manic Multiplier Dealer's Choice Double Points

It was a very anticlimactic scene tonight as Robert Bawden spun the wheel. I think it took him a minimum of 8-10 spins of the wheel to hit one of the three remaining spots . . . Double Points Manic Multiplier Dealer's Choice was where the wheel settled out however . . .and Robert had to choose between 1 disc night and Putters Only and as we all know . . . he chose Putters Only.

It was an especially difficult night for putters because of the wind . . . that is far from ideal conditions to be using a putter on every hole.

In Open we had a three way tie for the win with Brad Weber, Joel Kamoske, and Scott Slauson with (-8). If they are all at league next week they can settle the points in some sort of playoff. Taking last cash was Robert Bawden (-6).

In Advanced . . . Shaun and I battled again this week. Neither of us were thrilled with our performance so that is all I have to say about that.

In Intermediate we had the hot round of the night by Antonio Cerillio who seems to be questioning if he is in the right division . . . for everyone's knowledge his rating is in the 920's which keeps him eligible for Intermediate. He can move up if he wants but I will not require it until I have more scoring history for him. Nice shooting Antonio! Oh and nice $35 in Dirty Dollar too! Taking second was Drew Retherford with his (-7) and moving up with some double points this week. There was also a 3 way tie for 3rd between Jared Jacobson, Greg Klein, and Dustin Skorupinski with (-4).

In Recreational we saw Chris Daskam and Mark Olver with solid rounds of (-2). They can play off next week if they are both at league. Keegan Wenzler followed up with a 2 shot difference (-1) and Greg Weber will be going home with some funny money for his (+1).

Sabrina Kalies also came back for her third week of league, but was again the only person in the division. I am trying to get some more women to play Sabrina but it just isn't working. I thank you for your attendance regardless of the division basically consisting of you. We did have another woman play last week but you were gone.

Double Points has helped a couple people make some moves!

Next week is guaranteed to be 1 disc night because there are no other spots on the board. I hope to see you all there so I can see what each person intends to throw for the entire round.

Mike Harrington   May 14, 2013 at 1:21am

Oh yeah . . the ace pool was not hit so it will begin at $24 next week plus whoever else buys in!