Manic Mondays   May 13, 2013 at 2:46am

Just In Case

Hey everyone, I just got home from spending 8 hours in the ER with my wife. We are home now and believe everything is going to be ok with her but just in case something happens tomorrow and I am not able to be to league I will have to let one of the regulars (Shaun or Pat?) know in advance. I will not cancel league but I will need someone to write down everyones name and that they intended to play in league. You can pay me at a later date I just need to know who was there for league and if the were in the ace pool. I will have to spin the wheel in my car if I am unable to make it . . . but we have 2 disc night and putters only night left so those two formats aren't very different it is just down to whether or not it ends up as double points night too.

My goal is to get to Valley View by 3, I am hopeful nothing happens during the day which would delay me past 4 PM but I just wanted to say this in advance . . . just in case.

I will hopefully see you tomorrow.