Manic Mondays   April 30, 2013 at 8:54pm

Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack "We're all gonna get paid"

We finally had our first Dealer's Choice week and Dan Bertzyk decided on CTP week. His card was an extreme example of what this format is all about. There was a 13 throw differential between two people on the card and they both ended up with 7 CTP's. That is an interesting phenomenon!

Another successful CTP week spreading some payout to everyone who played. Some might say that CTP week is slightly socialist . . well I am ok with that because it truly gives everyone a chance to get some money back even if they had a rough week. At least with this format compared to "sharing the wealth" in a socialist government you still need to earn your payout.

We also had three aces this week . . . a record for any of my leagues. Mike Finley hit #6, Jeromy Morgan hit #15 (In the same group as Mike Finley), and Greg Weber hit #16. Unfortunately the wealth was spread so thin, each of these guys only got $12 for their aces. It's better than a kick in the groin but I know they might all have been disappointed to not have won the whole ace pool on their own. Either way I know they are happy to get some cash back.

In Open we had Dave Olson with a solid (-13), Scott Slauson (-12), Joel Kamoske and Mike Finley (-11). On the payout side the top winners were Mike Finley ($9.00), Scott Slauson and Joel Kamoske ($5.50), and Dave Olson and Brad Weber at ($4.50).

In Intermediate I had a (-12), followed by Brian Ish (-10), Greg Klein (-9), Aaron Schultz had a (-8) and Antonio Cerillio and Mike Wright with (-7). In payout we had me winning ($8.50), Dan Bertzyk, Antonio Cerillio, Pat Brah and Brian Ish winning ($4.50)

In Recreational we saw Chris Daskam continue his rapid improvement with a (-8), Nick Williams had a (-7), Matt Walczak had a (-5), and Mark Olver and Greg Weber had a (-4). In Payout we saw Keegan Wenzler win ($6.00), Chris Daskam, Shaun Kirchner, and Matt Walczak each ended up with ($5.50), and Greg Weber, Colin Huff, Zach Walczak, and Brian Williams end up with ($4.50) while Nick Williams basically got his ($4.00) back.