Manic Mondays   April 23, 2013 at 10:33am

Wierd Weekly Leaderboard . . . I cannot explain it right meow.

SO . . . as you all can see . . . the weekly leaderboard looks a little strange . . . I had to enter peoples point totals for the Stableford in as a score in order for this to work for the season long points totals. I will make the points totals available and explain any of the scores if you don't understand why someone who meow have had the same or worse score than you actually ended up with meow points than you.

The important thing to remember here is that the points column is actually points earned for the league while your points earned in the Stableford is not actually published here. If you would like to see the rundown of your division I will have the scores next week at league.

We did have an ace and the ace pool was at $99 (Chris I owe you one more dollar). Chris Daskam hit his first career ace in 13 or 14 years of playing the game. He hit it with a DX Eagle that has definitely seen it's fair share of disc golf over the years . . . and the disc is going to be retired and put on the wall . . . as it should be! Congratulations Chris. Hugs were given and there was much jubilation! Chris has been playing a lot lately and has certainly picked up some tips along the way because he is improving and having a blast doing it. Perhaps his good fortune came along with his donation of some stuff to the league. We will have a CTP of some sort to give away his donation in the next couple weeks but I was waiting to have a little meow sunlight after the round to try and pull it off.

This is a format that is unique and it takes a little understanding to realize that it rewards aggressiveness. The meow birdies you can hit the better . . .and if you get an ace . . . even meow of a bonus. The easiest way I can explain this is if you consider two people that shoot a 54 (Even Par). Person A hits 18 pars . . . they essentially end up with 18 points (1 point per par). But Person B is aggressive and they go for birdies and it ends up costing them some bogies because they are too aggressive. So if they got 9 birdies and 9 bogies (also a 54 (Even Par) . . . they end up with 27 points (3 points per birdie and zero points for each bogey).

SO if you meow the ace . . . be sure to give that birdie attempt a run! If you meow the birdie putt . . . don't come up short for your par because it will cost you an additional point.

Anyways after all that explanation I will give you a rundown on the highlights.

In Open we had TJ Webber with 13 birdies and a bogey (-12) for 43 points beat out Dave Olson who also had a (-12) with 12 birdies and 42 points. Brad Weber with his (-10) ended up with 38 points. Todd Farnham ended up with (-6) and 33 points while Robert Bawden (-5) and Adam Schultz (-6) both had 31 points. That is a good example of how more important birdies are than bogies. Robert had 8 birdies, 7 pars, and 3 bogies, while Adam had 7 birdies, 10 pars, and 1 bogey. Finishing out the cash was Scott Slauson (-7) and Mike Finley (-5) both finished with 30 points.

In Intermediate we had Dustin Skorupinski lapping the field with his (-12) and 42 points. Nice shooting tonight Dustin! In second only 7 points behind was the hot shooting Pat Brah with a personal best (-8) for 35 points. . .he was the man who spun the wheel . . . so there is no comment on the pending investigation. Shane Ferguson from the Chain Chasers (who is currently doing some really cool dye work) was only 1 point behind at 34 with his (-8). I came in 1 point behind Shane at 33 points with my (-7) and Mike Wright and Greg Klein both with (-5) and 29 points rounded out the funny money.

In Recreational Mr. April Acetime himself Chris Daskam came in with a hot 32 points for his (-6) which had a 6 point hole on #14 because of his ace. Followed only a couple points behind was Shaun Kirchner (-5) at 29 points . . . who received some good fortune tonight from the fact that he also helped three people get into their vehicles after locking keys in their cars. I know who I am calling if I ever do that! Just 1 point behind him was Zach Walczak (-5) with 28 points. Matt Borneman (-2) cashes in on some funny money for his 26 points as does Brian Williams (-2) with his 24 points. Finishing out the funny money in a three way tie is Billy Barnes (Even), Ned England (-1) and Scott Parr (Even) with 22 points.

In Juniors Trevor England injured his leg but still will walk away with $2 in funny money for attending another league week.

See you all next week when we spin the wheel again . . . let's hope it is someone other than Pat Brah. 5 Meow weeks to go and we still have two dealers choice options on the board . . . I don't know if you want to spin the wheel . . . but I hope that one of the weeks it ends up being meow.

Mike Harrington   April 23, 2013 at 2:36am

I forgot to add . . . 39 people played this week . . . making this historic Stableford format the highest attended league I have run to date. Thank you to all 39 people who came out and to all who have participated in my leagues in the past. I will keep innovating where I can and will run them as lo ... more