Manic Mondays   April 16, 2013 at 8:43am

A New Record Attendance! 34 people played in that stuff

34 people showed up to play tonight despite the overcast skies. We started our round and then it decided to start raining . . .oh well we were all in it at the same time!

The weather was much nicer earlier in the day and one of these Monday Evenings is going to be just beautiful. I promise if you keep coming to league it will happen eventually.

No ace was hit tonight so we will sit at $61 plus whoever enters next week. Maybe that will be the push needed to bring in 40+ people.

Tonight I let Brad Weber pick a number and he settled on #13 which was randomly attached to Shaun Kirchner. Shaun got the honor of spinning the wheel and it settled out on #2 1 Disc Night . . . so from Putters Only to 1 Disc Night . . . thats a tough two week stretch!

In Open, despite the rough conditions and only 1 disc Scott Slauson managed to shoot (-11). Following behind Scott were Paul Johnson and Joel Kamoske (-7), and Marshall Black and newcomer Matt Simmons had (-5) to take the last of the cash.

In Intermediate Aaron Schultz had his best round in this league (-8) to take the win. I was 2 shots behind at (-6) and there was a three way tie between Mike Wright, Chad Niezgoda, and Cody Naas at (-5) for the last of the funny money.

In Recreational the hot hand on the night was Mark Olver with a (-3). Not only does he walk away with $14 in FM but 14 points with a tie for the largest turnout for a division yet. There was a tie for second with Chris Daskam and Matt Walczak (-2). Finally a 5 way tie between Nick Williams, Ned England, Colin Huff, Matt Borneman, and Zach Walczak for the last of the funny money with rounds of 54 (E).

In Juniors Trevor England decided that the rest of the round was not worth playing due to the miserable conditions, but he did make it 10 holes before deciding it was too miserable.

In Woman Sabrina Kalies finished (+30) in a tough format in tough conditions . . . but she did play the entire round which shows how much she enjoys the game.

Thanks to all who came . . . I am sorry the rain did not stay north like I had thought. I LITRALLY thought it was not going to be as bad as it was. Oh well live and learn . .. I'll be back next week in hopes of better weather.

Mark Olver   April 16, 2013 at 9:32am


Mike Harrington   April 16, 2013 at 11:55am

I knew you would catch it