DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer 2013   April 12, 2013 at 2:10am

MiCPS-Summer 2012 News and Standings - 4/11/2013

215 total players so far

22 participating leagues

- 12:00 Saturday Dubs Summer 2013
- 2013 Cass Benton Monday Night Doubles
- 24 Cha!ns Winter 2012-2013
- 2nd Round Saturday Vienna Dubs
- A Plunder @ Chilson Woods
- Chucktown Tuesday Night Chuckers
- Club Kensington Sunday Dubs Summer Session 2013
- Eastside Ace Run League
- Flick your Wick @ Wicks
- Freeland Wed Night Doubles
- Kensy Wednesdays
- Local 101 Summer Doubles
- Mt P Saturday Doubles
- Mt Pleasant Tuesday Night
- Night Moose Spring/Summer 2013
- Saturday Vienna Dubs
- Summer Saturdays
- The Pingree Players Club
- Thursday Evening Night Moose
- WC Glow Winter 2012-2013
- Ypsi Dubs 2013 Summer League - The Original - Tuesdays
- Ypsi Dubs 2013 Summer League -={Church}=- Sundays

Are your favorite leagues listed here???

Leagues can join for free - doubles & singles leagues
Just send us the URL of your league on DiscGolfScene.com to join. Any Michigan league that has rounds played any time between March 17th and July 28th 2013 are eligible for the MiCPS-Summer 2013. The deadline to add new leagues is May 15th 2013. Your rounds played since March 17th will automatically be added. League coordinators do not need to do anything but enter your rounds in your league normally, as the MiCPS automatically calculates points so your league can use what every point system for your own league. Handicapped leagues must post adjusted scores - the scores used to determine payouts. We are working on a solution to this - stay tuned for an update soon....

Small leagues (4-19 players) are given a boost in points and leagues larger 60 have a points cap to try and level the playing field so as many leagues throughout the state can participate and players everywhere have a shot. Get out and play as many different leagues, courses and with different players as possible.

Only your best two rounds per week (Sunday - Saturday) are included.
Summer Aces are worth 25 points

You can find all the details, rules, point calculations here:

Now if your a "Player" and want to show your support while competing for some extra booty, for $30 you can become a DGLA Player Member for the year. You get a commemorative DGLA Michigan Cooperative Point Series 2013 MEMBER putter, a DGLA Glow Mini, Lifetime membership number, you contribute to the DGLA Member Course Improvement Grant program that you get to vote to determine how it is used, along with helping to decide improvements to the Point Series and you are eligible for awards based on your final point standing as compared to the other Player Members, for the Summer 2013.
You can become a DGLA Player member by going to the Disc Golf League Association website and paying by PayPal, Mailing a check to DGLA or see Scott, Pete or Foz at an event. Check here for more info or to register:

**** Deadline to become a DGLA Player member is May 15th ***

Currently there are 31 Player level members for the Summer season, 30 Player members got both winter and summer for the same price and $10 went into the Winter Payouts and $5 into the Summer payout fund, so we are now at $165 and growing. $15 dollars is added for every new Player level member during the summer so it will grow quickly - Tell a friend, share the fun.

DGLA Player level Payout Awards:
DGLA will have payout awards for the top 40 Players or top 40% of the Players whichever is LARGER. We have added another partner to provide members additional choices to how to use their award. Thanks to The ThrowShop and Marshal Street. We will continue to explore new opportunities and your feedback is always welcomed.

DGLA Player Berth Awards:
2013 Discraft Michigan State Championships berths up for grabs in the MiCPS-Summer season - Thanks MDGO:
(7) - Based on DGLA Player Leaderboard for the Summer 2013 season and who have not already won a berth:
(5) Top 5 players by points
(1) Top Female
(1) Most highlighted leagues of the Week (HLW) played.

The DGLA Player members have already contributed to the DGLA Michigan Course Improvement fund with $5 from your DGLA membership fee – Thanks for helping to grow and improve our Michigan disc golf courses.

$140 – Summer 2012
$150 – Winter 2013
$290 Total funds available – DGLA members get to vote on which new course or course improvement project this money will help.

MiCPS-Summer 2013 Top 20 overall currently:
All Leaderboards » Overall Points
Player Points Rounds
1 samuel smith 185 15
2 Ben Calhoun 183 12
3 Chris Hanna 112 8
4 Mike Stratford 110 10
4 Dave Lassen 110 10
6 Matt "The Spider" Swider 102 9
7 Gabe Cadorin 98 8
8 Daemon Stahlin 96 9
9 Jerry "Chilly" Chilson 94 8
10 Anslie Newman 92 4
11 matt schooley 90 6
12 mike raley 86 6
13 Jason Kirkaldy 84 6
14 Rich Mcpherson 83 3
14 Mark Perrine 83 8
16 Ron Howard 82 8
16 Adam Schneider 82 6
18 Jake Schooley 76 5
18 sheldon bowen 76 7
20 Bill Hornyak 74 5
20 Jason Adamski 74 4
20 Robert Shaffer 74 6
20 Ben Ciccarelli 74 5

Get out and enjoy some great Michigan Disc Golf....

Free DGLA membership is available at the Disc Golf League Association website. Show your support and secure your lifetime DGLA membership #.


Larry LaBond   April 12, 2013 at 7:46am

Without reading all this, are my leagues able to be part of this?

Jeff Bauman   April 14, 2013 at 8:59pm

Hey Foz, can you add our league? No need to asks every year...were in!