Manic Mondays   April 7, 2013 at 3:58am

Looking forward to warmer weather

I am hopeful that the temperatures begin to rise as I have had enough of the cold. I am also hopeful that the precipitation is limited over the next few weeks as the ground could use some drying up.

I did move #1 and #18 back into place so there are no longer the two throw holes. We did move #11 also out of the woods because of how muddy it was getting but #12 was still frozen. I am hoping to take care of that tomorrow along with possibly also moving #8, and #9 to avoid the muddy areas as much as possible.

Don't forget all formats are in play this week so it could end up as Putters Only. Be prepared you can carry as many putters as you want but you can only carry putters from the approved list I have posted on Facebook or I will also be posting it at Valley View tomorrow.