Manic Mondays   April 2, 2013 at 9:34am

CTP Week - as determined by the Wheel of Discfortune

25 people is a pretty good showing for an April evening when it is only 35 degrees outside. I am happy with the turnout especially competing with Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day. I do hope to get some first time league players in the coming weeks and those hibernating fair weather players come out and play a bit too. I sure hope we do not see any more snow until Sunday Snow Throwers kicks back in gear the first week of December in 2013. I am looking to offer 52 weeks of some sort of disc golf league if possible!!!!

Well . . . this week turned out exactly how I had hoped . . . everyone is going home with something. Even if you played poorly you still had a chance to go home with something. Even if you are struggling to hang on to the bottom of the division . . . you still have a chance to take something home. AND Even if you have the hot round of the night (BTW that was ME . . . you are not guaranteed to take home the biggest paycheck . . . Might I add . . .not even in your own division). I am beginning to think that this might be a regular week in all of the leagues I run . . . because it really keeps everyone in the game. While points are still determined by the score if you want something concrete (Funny Money or Cash for Open) you better park some holes! Please give me your honest feedback . . . was this a fun format? Regardless of how I shot I know I would have enjoyed the chance to take something on every single hole out there. Knowing I would basically get my money back if I just threw 3 or 4 good shots was enough to make this enjoyable for me.

In Open we saw the top round of the night by the temporarily hobbled Brad Weber (-8) take home $5.50 in CTP's. Adam Schultz who had a rough night in terms of scoring (-2) still is walking home with $5.50 in cash (Proof that this format is more about getting it close than beating the competition). TJ Webber (-7) ends up with $5. Tanner Helm (-4) ends up with $4, Peter Ralph (-7) had a tough group and ends up with only $3 but he did hit an ace for $54 so I am sure he goes away happy! Rounding out the Open Division is Scott Slauson (-5) for $1.

In Intermediate the second place scorer Mike Wright (-8) is walking home with $8 in Funny Money. I (Mike Harrington) shot (-11) and have $6 of funny money to spend on my own discs. Dustin Skorupinski who shot (-7) ended up with $5. Pat Brah ended up at (-1) but managed $4 in funny money . . . again proving score is less important here than parking some holes. JD Cottrill ended up with a (-2) and gets $3 for his efforts. Greg Klein (-4) and Aaron Schultz (-2) ended up with $1 each in Funny Money.

In Recreational we had Chris Daskam with a (-4) taking home the most Funny Money $7. Shaun Kirchner with the hot round in Recreational for the night (-7) ends up with $6. David Whiteside (+3) also ended up with $6. Scott Parr (+1) and Abel Guitron (+4) each will get $4 in Funny Money. Nick Williams (-1), Mark Olver (-1), and Billy Barnes (+6) each are getting $3 towards their next purchase. Colin Huff (+1) and Brian WIlliams (+5) also will be getting $2 for their efforts.

Obviously this format is a little different than people are used to but I think the beautiful part of it is that anyone can get something out of the deal . . . IN FACT . . . EVERYONE (YES everyone in all divisions) IS WALKING HOME WITH SOMETHING AFTER TONIGHT. In one instance the worst score in the division also is taking home the most money. In multiple instances the best score in the division does not get the most payout. The bottom line of this format is everyone can win something . . . even if you are disappointed in your round you might still get a few $ back. If you were thrilled with your round (ME) you might not even win the most in the division on the night (ALSO ME)!

I hope everyone had fun with this format . . . and I welcome your opinions. Please just don't base it on how well or poorly you played tonight because that isn't always a good indicator for the format.