Manic Mondays   March 26, 2013 at 4:12pm

32 people in less than 32 degree weather!

Well we had more people in attendance than the air had degrees . . . 32 people showed up to play the first week of Manic Mondays and I would guess it dropped below freezing for most of the round. Thanks to everyone who came out, especially the first time league attendees. I hope you find the league atmosphere to be a lot of fun with a little competition sprinkled in each week. Scores have been posted, and congratulations to those that played well. I expect to see scores get better and better as we get better weather and after the course goes back to it's standard configuration. I will move some baskets as soon as they thaw out and the locks are workable. I am guessing sometime in Mid April.

Here is the recap on the night:
In Open we had 6 people with Robert Bawden (-7) taking first, TJ Webber (-6) was only 1 shot behind and Adam Schultz (-3) took home 3rd place. Joel Kamoske (-2) and Danny Hensiak (-2) tied for 4th and will split the last cash spot.

In Advanced we had Scott Mushall (-5) take home some of his own money as he was the only player in Advanced on the night.

In Intermediate we had 11 players with the rapidly ascending Mike Wright (-8) with the best round of the night in the whole group. Mike started in Unrated of the Sunday Snow Throwers league and I bumped him up to Recreational for a few weeks and he was still doing very well there so we bumped him up to Intermediate for this league. It looks to me like he should sign up for the PDGA and get himself a rating and start playing in some tournaments. Shooting only 1 shot below Mike was Aaron Schultz (-7). Valley View regulars Chad Niezgoda (-5) and Drew Retherford (-5) fresh off a slight concussion tied for 3rd. Greg Klein (-4), newcomer Antonio Cerillio (-4) and recent transplant from the Recreational division JD Cottrill (-4) tied for the last of the funny money.

In Recreational we had 14 players . . . I believe that is the most I have ever had in one division. We had multiple people step up from Unrated division to play here tonight. Greg Weber (-3), Shaun Kirchner (-3), and Brian Williams (-3) all tied for first. I expect them all to be back at league next week to settle the tie. You have got to want it gentlemen! Newcomer Scott Parr (-1) and Sunday Snow Thrower Chris Daskam (-1) tied for 4th. Newcomer Abel Guitron (E) was only one shot back of those two and Billy Barnes (+1) cashes in to the final funny money with his round.

There were no aces hit this week to we will come back next week and see if anyone can walk away with the $31 plus next weeks entries.

Don't forget to be prepared for whatever format we will be playing each week. I have no control over what the format is until week 10 because the "Wheel of Discfortune" will be determining the format for us.

I will also say this, I have no problem having the Unrated division so if you do feel out of place in the Recreational division please let me know and we can get you moved back to the Unrated Division. The only difference is that you will not be playing for a season long trophy, just the weekly payouts. The reason for this is anyone who shows up to league that has no scoring history with me will be playing Unrated until they show me what they would typically shoot. This will lead to a lot of volatility in this division and most people will not stay in the division for very long diminishing the "divisional win".