Sunday Snow Throwers   February 18, 2013 at 7:31pm

Week 7 A huge Turnout

I have to say thank you's again to Mike Ellery, Scott Slauson, and Matt Atherton for covering for me while I went travelling around the country. I literally put over 6000 miles on my new car. I was able to play 93 courses in 20 states along the way including one of my goals by hitting a course in each of these states that I hadn't played in before: MD, NJ, DE, PA, CT, MA, NY, RI. That brings me up to 30 states played and 553 courses played. I do have a serious goal of having played all publicly accessible courses in WI by the end of 2013, so if you want to travel up north of Eau Claire with me on some weekends I would welcome some company while I complete that goal. It will take a couple weekend trips up there, but I just have to hope that not too many courses go in this year or my venture will be tough to accomplish. I definitely want to encourage all of you to get out and play different courses. I am so excited everytime I step up to a new course. There are so many cool unique things out there to see, and I hope you will travel a little bit to see what is out there.

As for league this week, I am thrilled that we were able to get 26 people (WHICH IS A NEW WINTER LEAGUE RECORD) to come to league this week. Thanks for welcoming me home with such a large group of great people. it was nice to meet a few of you newcomers to the league and I hope we can keep you coming back. I want the leagues I run to be fun and enjoyable and not just about competition.

In Open we had 6 people: Paul Johnson had a great round for the winter with (-11) to win the division. Casey Conners was not far off with a (-8) and Robert Bawden and Mike Finley tied for the last cash spot (-6).

This week marks the first time we had an Advanced player. So far all of the Advanced level players have been playing in Open. Peter came and shot a (-7). Sorry we couldn't get anyone else to play in that division Peter.

In Intermediate we had another great showing with 10 players. I came back to my home course refreshed and read for a good round. I ended up with a (-8) to win the division this week. Chad Niezgoda was just shot behind with a (-7). Drew Detzner and Jeff Doebert shot (-6) and Shawn Fallon and Greg Klein also tied for the final FM spot with (-5). This new layout is proving to be a good challenge and also a way to separate the Pros from the rest of the field, something that I factored into my decision making when I put those new basket locations in the ground last fall.

In Recreational we had JD Cottrill shoot a solid (-5) to win the division and Pat Brah (The Points Leader) take second with his (-3). Greg Weber hung right in there to bring home some funny money too with his round of (E).

In Unrated we saw Dan Sinkey shoot a (-1) but David Whiteside was not that far off that pace today. Thanks for coming back David, hopefully we can get some more people for the division.

We also had our first Woman this week with Sondra Kirkland shooting a (+4). Thanks for coming Sondra, I thought we were going to have another woman, this week too but they didn't make it. I hope to see you and Shawn again.

We also had another first . . . a Junior player. Miles Sinkey came to play today even making his dad pay for the ace pool He had high aspirations of taking home that $126 ace pool. While he didn't get the ace, I am sure he had a good time. Valley View is the perfect place for juniors to begin playing competitively because it is short enough to be fun, but still challenging enough to make them think a little bit.

We did get two aces this week, which was my prediction. Ben Habanek (who hadn't played disc golf since November) hit #6 with a nice smooth hyzer shot. Peter Ralph made it worth his while even though he was the only Advanced player this week by hitting #5. I heard it right in front of us. Ben hit his ace just a couple minutes after Peter so we knew we had a two way split. I played with Ben so the joke the rest of the day was chipping into the pot. a 3 way split would have cost Ben and Peter $20. Ben had a good attitude about our jeering th whole time responding by saying if I get another ace I get 2/3rds of the pot. Touche' Ben Touche'

Next week is Estabrook and then Dretzka will follow on March 3rd. I will make an announcement here as well as on Facebook regarding the additional weeks of 10-12. We will have to be flexible in case the weather turns great and the courses turn into a muddy mess. We are here to have fun and promote camraderie, but we have to respect the course conditions. So let's just be happy the winter was not too rough this year. Wait what I am I saying, you guys had some cold temperatures and bad weather while I was gone. Well either way the league pushed right on through this winter without issue. Thank you all again for your loyal attendance.