Sunday Snow Throwers   February 15, 2013 at 7:11am

I need your input about the rest of this league

Please go to the Facebook Event page and vote on how you would like to wrap up this league?

I promised 9 weeks but we have the potential to play 3 more weeks if the weather is cooperative and the courses remain in the ground.

If you do not use facebook, please send me a message here:

Right now we should be just fine playing Week 7, 8 and 9. Week 10-12 would be taking us all the way until March 24th. Should we make this a 12 week schedule or just stick to the originally scheduled 9 weeks? I definitely wanted to only play those 3 weeks if we could get an equal amount of rounds at the 3 courses we used. What are your thoughts?

Should we play 3 more weeks, one at Dretzka, one at Estabrook, and one at Valley View so the league is consistent and even among those three courses?

Should we add 3 more weeks and play Dineen for all 3 weeks?

Should we add 3 more weeks and play 1 week at each of 3 new courses such as Wales, Miniwaukan (Mukwonago), Milwaukee Sports Complex, Spassland, etc etc etc?

Should we just stick to the 9 week league and skip the worst part of winter when the courses get wet and sloppy?