Sunday Snow Throwers   January 21, 2013 at 6:29am

Week #4 Chilly View

It was 39 degrees when I was headed to my first course this morning, when I received a text from Greg Klein asking if league was still on. He informed me it was 9 degrees there today. I told him Mike Ellery would be there to run league because I was in Georgia.

I wish I could have been there, but I did get out to 3 great courses today and have played 18 courses since I left town, all but 2 of them have been really good courses. Yesterday was my round at Flyboy Aviation in Whitesburg, Georgia and we are staying in the airplane hangar (although the home inside of it is a really nice place) again tonight. All I can say is, if you ever find yourself near Atlanta, this course is a must play for everyone. I deposited 3 discs in their ponds and enjoyed every minute of it. Heck, if you happen to know a pilot who can fly you in you can land right outside the house, park the plane, and go play a round of Disc Golf. It was the #1 rated course on DGCR when the owner had to pull it from the public eye because too many people were coming out here and playing on their own, so now the only play it receives are in tournaments, and scheduled rounds with the owner or his course pro. I will gladly hook anyone up with the contact info!!!!

Back to the league results:

In Open we only had Mike Finley today who shot a 53 (-1) to win back some of his own money.

In Intermediate we saw Chad Niezgoda shoot a 49 (-5) to win the division and Vince Johnson 52(-2) to take the last of the funny money, and we welcome Drew Detzner to the Sunday Snow Thrower league and hope he found it enjoyable and returns in the future.

In Recreational we saw Pat Brah with a 51 (-3) and Greg Weber taking home some funny money for his round of par . . .54 (Even).

In Unrated we had another newcomer Brian Williams, unfortunately there was noone to compete with, but he shot a 60(+6) to grab himself a point.

The Ctp's were each worth $1 Funny Money for each person in the division and the winners from Intermediate and Recreational were Chad N.($3.00) and Pat B ($4.00). and Mike F. and Brian W. competed for their own $1.00 (Mike F.s being cash for being in open and Brian's in a funny money voucher.

Apparently no aces were hit this week so the total accumulates again to $66. Estabrook is next week and Scott Slauson will be the league director for the week. I hope you have better weather and that the attendance returns. I know a lot of the regulars were at the Frozen River in West Bend this weekend.