Sunday Snow Throwers   January 6, 2013 at 9:58pm

Week 2 Recap

I was afraid we were going to have iced over tee-pads today when I heard the forecast on Saturday but when I went to bed it had only snowed a little bit and when I woke up everything looked ok, so I didn't rush to get to Estabrook to shovel or salt the tee-pads. I am lucky enough to have two extremely disc golfers who have been very loyal to my leagues including Discin' In The Dark and Sunday Snow Throwers. They sent me a text at 7:30 asking if I wanted the tee-pads salted. I didn't expect them to be icy but said to go ahead if they felt it was necessary and they were done salting them all by the time I got there. We are fortunate they did that because they would have been tough to throw from today, but I didn't slip on any of the pads . . . did you? I acknowledged Mark Olver and Shaun Kirchner before league, but wanted to make sure those that weren't there heard about the extra effort these guys put in today. I appreciated it a lot. I also have mentioned before that Greg Klein (Estabrook's Ambassador) from the GLDGC always takes good care of those tee-pads in winter too, and he was happy when he heard someone else had already done the work. Give Greg a thank you next time you see him too, it is crucial that every course have someone to help do maintenance since it is almost all volunteer.

With the thank you's out of the way . . . on to the congratulations.

In Open we had 4 players lead by Brad Weber (-7) this week and Paul Johnson just behind at (-5). Mike Finley won the $4 CTP

In Intermediate we had a record 10 players lead by Jeromy Morgan (-1). Keeping the competition tight but falling just short of Mr. Dretzka (Jeromy M.) Me (E), Shane Ferguson (+1), Matt Atherton (+2), and a tie between Allen Stewart and Dan Bertzyk (+3). Shane also took home the $10 CTP contest.

In Recreational we had Pat Brah with a HOT ROUND (-4) which would have won Intermediate handily. Following behind with typical competitive scores were Mike Ellery (E), and recent transplant from the Unrated Division Shaun Kirchner (+5). Mark O. edged out Ellery by just a few feet to get $6 on the CTP. Mike Ellery also moved up an extra half point this week because he and Shaun settled their tie from last week by todays score.

In Unrated we had three family members dueling it out. Matt Walczak led the way with a (+5) followed by his brother Jake (+9). Zach was only 1 shot out of second place, but he did win the CTP for $3.

Thanks to everyone who came out, it turned out to be a pretty decent January day if you ask me. We were playing disc golf after-all so it couldn't have been all that bad.

Next week is Dretzka and it will be a marathon 27 hole beat-down! I cannot wait truthfully, I just hope those rubber mats are not too slippery. I will be coming home from Chicago early that morning, so if for some reason I am not there by 9 (my trip back includes a train ride, a transfer to Skokie, and a 90 minute drive which if everything goes as planned will get me to Dretzka around 8:30) I will try to have someone able to be there with scorecards and pencils just in case though and I will check everyone in and take their fees at the end of league. Just indicate if you are entering in the ace-pool at the beginning of the round and mark the cards with an A for those in the Ace Pool.