Steve Moore  › Camp Taloali   November 10, 2012 at 6:15am

Again BIG thanks go out today to the gang of 5 who continued on with the Camp Taloali Teepad work. Thanks go out to Rich Ayers, Joe Higgins, Myself, Chris Wilcox and Ira. Again led on this time by 3 grandmasters (older gents) we were able to finish prep work, setting and leveling frames on 9 tee pad areas. Stay tuned for plans on pouring (date not set firm yet) and then finishing up work on rest of tee pads (to be scheduled). Sure would be nice to see some new faces on this project to help us out. Lots of manual labor for us older gents to be dealing with. I'll think of the soreness tomorrow as a handicap for you younger players at bad ace play.
Keep in mind when you play anywhere what it takes to put courses in and keep them up.

Thanks again to todays group, lot done for numbers there.