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Oregon, USA Righty - forehand

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Apr 26
Camp Taloali · Stayton, OR
Jerry Miller DGC, LSO 2015 Round 3, 20 holes
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Apr 26
Camp Taloali · Stayton, OR
Jerry Miller DGC, LSO 2015 Round 2, 20 holes
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Apr 26
Camp Taloali · Stayton, OR
Jerry Miller DGC, LSO 2015 Round 1, 20 holes


Steve Moore    21 hours ago

Anybody up for a round tomorrow, Thursday, morning. Pick a place and let's decide if it works.

Steve Moore   16 hours ago

It's Wheatland at 9:00 tee time for any one able or interested

Steve Moore    2 days ago

I hope all enjoy Woodmansee course as it is looking the best it has in a long time. Between hand mowing and weed wacking Zac and I have been able to get done last 5 days and this gem of a course is starting to shine bright again. Tee sign repair should be happening in next week or so. Thanks all and enjoy it.


Steve Moore    3 days ago

Got a few more hours out at Woodmansee this morning getting some more mowing and such done. Still got some more detail work to get done but overall would say 90% done, major areas cleaned up. Tee sign repair will be coming next and hopefully backfill for around tees happening at some point, waiting to hear back from parks department on that one. Come out and enjoy this gem of a course, good practice for all sorts of shots.


Steve Moore    4 days ago

Just in from good 4 hour work on Woodmansee course. Holes 2 and 3 mowed down and looking pretty. Bring on your roller shots for hole 2 around corner to right, they will roll now without the tall grass. Will be trying to get back there tomorrow for some more mowing and such, anyone welcome probably be there by 10 again. Hope all enjoy as this gem of a course comes back to life, sign repair coming soon also. Steve


Steve Moore    5 days ago

Current plan for tomorrow Sunday is to be at Woodmansee by 10:00 to do some more weed clearing and such. If anybody cares to join be happy to see you there. Will have some extra tools with me. Thanks


Steve Moore    7 days ago

I'll be at Woodmansee tomorrow Friday along with Zac getting some work done on course. 10 starting time if you can join us we would be happy to see you, plenty that can be done. We'll be weed wacking what the parks dept did not reach and cleaning other areas as needed. This is the start of renovation project including replacing tee signs back to way they were before damaged and a new basket pin location to be shared by hole 6 and 8. Woodmansee will once again become the gem and friendly place it should be. Thanks all


Steve Moore    May 20 at 8:17pm

Anybody interested in a run up to Camp Taloali for a round tomorrow Thursday the 21st? Speak up and see what we can arrange

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Ira Burgess   May 21 at 12:21am


Steve Moore   May 21 at 12:38am

lets go for by 9 tee time, see you then

Ira Burgess   May 21 at 1:25am


Steve Moore    May 11 at 2:01pm

Happy Birthday to me. After dealing with started as 4 day stomach flu , ended up with 24 hour emergency care visit to hospital Friday night for IV meals, I'm back on the mend today. Tried again but can't put me down yet, still to much disc golf stuff to do and courses to play. Take care all

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Mr. Snap   May 11 at 3:08pm

hope to see ya this weekend bud

Zac Teuscher   May 11 at 3:18pm

Happy Birthday? if so hope its a good one. feel better quickly. see you soon

Thomas "T" D.   May 11 at 4:14pm

Happy Birthday, Steve!!

Steve Moore    May 1 at 8:56pm

I'm looking for someone not playing May 16th to do some filming and photo taking at the Elkhorn Open for us. I have extra equipment that can be used, I'm playing that day so looking for some help.
Thank you and we will look after you for your days efforts.


Steve Moore    May 1 at 8:52pm

Thinking about a run up to Champoeg tomorrow if any one interested. Plans not firm yet so if interested speak up and see what happens


Steve Moore    April 15 at 3:02pm

Car still down till Monday morning looks like. If any body was going for a round and would not mind coming by and getting me out of house, that would be great. Just let me know and can be ready. Thanks


Steve Moore    April 11 at 12:28pm

Still without vehicle. If any one bored enough could use a ride to grab some groceries for house and pick up disc golf related item. Thanks


Steve Moore    April 9 at 3:30pm

Some footage of Elkhorn Golf course to view
Come join us in May


Steve Moore    April 8 at 9:26pm

I'm without vehicle for a while, car died. If anyone happened to have some free time tomorrow, Thursday, and could offer a ride to get couple errands run, I'd be happy to rent a ride. Thanks ahead of time if anyone can and willing. Maybe an hour to hour and half.


Steve Moore    March 19 at 6:36pm

Just back from round at Woodmansee and it is in need or some repair and cleanup. Most of tee signs need replacement and new acrylic cover plates. Also some have the top wood plates being loosened and ready to be taken now the top covers are gone. Course in general could use cleanup for the spring. Any plans in place by CCDG or will this need to be taken on by individuals effort again. Thank you and this should be handled as soon as possible before further damage done to course.


Steve Moore    March 16 at 11:18pm

Anybody for a round tomorrow tuesday at Champoeg before going to Hoover for work party at 5?


Steve Moore    March 16 at 10:32pm

Beaver State Fling entry raffle open for two week period then names will be picked for entry position.

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Thomas "T" D.   April 1 at 7:01pm

You're in Lee!!!

Mr CLEAN   April 5 at 1:58pm


Steve Moore    March 9 at 2:12pm

My older man impression of myself


Steve Moore    March 8 at 7:25pm

Had a great day with good group at Milo. My shot of the day in my opinion.
Hole 10 East Mile BSF layout upshot to island


Steve Moore    March 6 at 9:22pm

Anybody for a weekend run up to Milo to play east and west fling layout?

bryan van fleet   March 7 at 12:46am

hey moore me and rafa r down to go just trying to get ahold of him

Mr. Snap   March 7 at 1:07am

sweet that make 4 of us...see yall tmr

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