Rod Hess  › Riverpark   October 20, 2012 at 2:00pm

My opinion on this matter is that Rick's concern is for the safety of all disc golfers, Creekside used to be a pretty safe course to play 15 years ago but now it has evolved to where holes are criss-crossing so much that it is easy to get hit. I have hit someone and have been hit as well while playing there.If it weren't for Rick there wouldn't be a Riverpark, he is our connection to the city and the land owner for the back nine. Could he have possibly handled this differently? Maybe. His passion for what goes on out there stems from him being the one the city calls on when there is a problem. NUDGA is over 300 members strong and if every NUDGA decided to change something without consulting with the course designers (Kent and Rick) it would be utter chaos.There has to be some sort of control. There isn't a whole lot more we can do with the course that we haven't already done, the land that the back nine is on is private land and we can't do anything permanent. The gold tees are not a bad idea as long as it doesn't cause problems with the city, other than that we are kinda locked in with what we got. Riverpark is used by mostly amateurs who enjoy the layout, what we really need is another course somewhere that can be made into an EPIC course like the trend is going.Shane, we do appreciate what you have done out there, I have pumped hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours into Riverpark and so has Rick and we know what it's like, communication goes both ways.