Mike Zanier  › Cass Benton Hills   October 9, 2012 at 4:51am

I both agree and disagree with Mitch. Often times when I find myself behind people who I know play AM 1 or Pro they won't even consider asking if my friend and I can play through. I assume they just think we're some C****s when we're not.

Conversely, I know these guys won't steal my disc and I've gotten calls from discs I've left behind. Whereas I've seen regular "c****s" just up and take my disc from the fairway like they found something no one was looking for. And obviously the c****s are the ones destroying the park: taking the signs, putting graffiti on EVERYTHING, or rolling the trash cans down the hill.

Either way everyone should respect each other, pro or casual, and the experience will be far better.