Cass Benton Hills

Northville, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Jake W    July 16 at 7:59pm

Found a well loved halo. Lemme know what hole/color

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g lane   July 16 at 4:24pm

hes ignt

Jake W   July 16 at 4:46pm


Shaun Adkins   July 16 at 5:51pm

Yes he is.

Douglas McIntosh    July 11 at 10:25am

Tomorrow, Tuesday July 12th - Cass Benton

Huron Valley PDGA Summer Singles League will be heading to Cass Benton, for a round from the long tees. $1 to play and gets your round rated. For those wanting to play for money we will have $5 pro and am2 divisions. There is also an optional $2 CTP and $2 ace pool.

(Ace pool is at $715)


Shawn Vena    July 11 at 2:50am

Left a red mvp photon behind on hole 8 i think. No ink but ill throw a couple bucks if found..


Ross Robertson    July 10 at 4:12am

Had two friends lose discs here. One Dye Max gold line pure with pepperoni pizza stamp on hole two, in the first clump of trees on the right. Only 11 of these were made. If I see you throwing it I will have to say something.

My other card mate lost a blue fly dye Daedalus on hole fifteen. He threw a monster forehand hyzer off of the teepad on 15. Probably somewhere in the fairway of 14. Normally I would say keep it, but it was his first disc and he was crushed.

Neither one of these were inked, just trying to help out some friends.

Jason Kirkaldy   July 10 at 6:19pm

Did they write their names on them? If you have to say something what will you say?

Ross Robertson   July 13 at 5:55pm

I would probably say, hey can I get that disc back. It's one of 11. I know you didn't buy it.

Jason Kirkaldy   7 days ago

I don't remember writing this, I must have been trashed please disregard my comment and I hope they get their discs back ha

Brandon M    July 4 at 1:08am

Lost a Lat 64 Misprint Purple Flow on hole 2 a couple weeks back. If you found it, entertaining cash offers. Pretty sure there was ink on there.


carson parm    July 2 at 9:08am

Hey everyone, on July 30th our club will be holding a tournament at Kensington. It is our 4th year running this tournemnt and all of the profits go to cancer research. The tourney is held in memory of our dear friend who passed away from this horrible disease. Check out the flyer on the tourney page.. We've got some great swag for player packs.. Glow crushes, cryztal LE drones.. And much more... AND Great payouts. Projected division (subject to change due to turn out) open, am1,2,3,4, ladie ... more


David Holliday    June 28 at 8:24pm

Left a red opto line fury in the tall grass by hole 2. Reward if returned. Cash or plastic.


Ross Robertson    June 28 at 5:15pm

Found a roc3 no ink. Let me know the color, and the hole you lost it on.

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Jake Pardo   June 28 at 6:56pm

Bum loves to steal discs on hole 2

Ross Robertson   June 28 at 8:11pm

Unfortunately, no not white one with a sticker.

Daryl "dragoneauge" Ballios   June 28 at 11:55pm

something needs to be done about bums on courses stealing discs.

mike k    June 28 at 2:34am

If anyone finds a blue titanium Flex buzzz OS on hole 2 I lost it today

mike k   June 28 at 3:19pm

It had no ink on it at all

Monty Wonnacott    June 24 at 9:26pm

Lost a white Boatman double stamped on 4 left side. Plastic reward if found

Christian Doman   June 24 at 11:05pm

The trick is to go back after sunset with a UV. Discs pop out like whoa.

Bobby Avedisian    June 22 at 11:15pm

Found a couple discraft discs in the trees on 18 let me know if you lost one recently

Tim Corwin   June 22 at 7:32pm

Green nate doss surge?

Christian Doman   June 22 at 8:26pm

Purple cryztal challenger with a dodge challenger stamp

Miles smilez Campbell    June 21 at 12:36am

Found a day glow pink stamp with number on it midday today. Tried number no answer.


Daniel J Lee    June 14 at 2:28pm

Lost a red MVP Wave throwing my upshot on hole 18. Turned over into the woods on the right, after the turn. Don't bother trying to return it, MVP is garbage.

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Jake Anderson   June 14 at 2:53pm

Hahahaha dirty dan

Daniel J Lee   June 14 at 3:26pm

All my ACE money goes toward hookers and crack cocaine

Adam Mcpherson   June 14 at 6:59pm

I'm pretty sure it's the Indian and not the arrow Phil;) HOWEVER mvp arrows are pewps

Danny Brooks    June 9 at 12:56pm

Lost a tie dye champ Valkyrie on hole 2 yesterday


Monty Wonnacott    June 8 at 7:24pm

Lost an orange star wraith on hole 4 in the trees to the left. Plastic if found and returned


Zack Cardenas    June 7 at 1:18am

Lost a red destroyer on hole 3. Reward if returned. Name and number are on it.


David K    May 28 at 12:31pm

Looking to meet some new people. I was thinking a three round "tournament" monday morning. Start around 8am at cass, then go to rolling hills and conclude at parmalee park in monroe. Hoping to get done by 3 or so that way everyone can still enjoy the afternoon with family.

Nick Oliver   May 28 at 9:52am

Why Parm? That's a ton of driving when there's a lot of courses in closer proximity.

David K   May 29 at 7:35am

Because from cass to rolling hills is quite the distance. And its only 15 mins from rolling hills. Plus i really like the course. I am always up for opinions . This is just me trying to meet some new people the throw with

Christopher sheldon   May 30 at 1:25pm

Leagues at 5!

Jason Kirkaldy    May 25 at 12:12pm

Early round here today anyone??


Michael Mitrovich    May 22 at 4:53pm

Found a putter sitting in the basket of hole three. Message me if its yours... no ink.


Christian Doman    May 22 at 3:25am

I lost a purple cryztal challenger with a Dodge Challenger stamp on 17. Brand new disc. Cash or plastic for its safe return. Thank you.