Lawrence Leonardi  › Cass Benton Hills   September 26, 2012 at 5:43am

Yes Doug that is great! Way to show respect for the park district and local government. You have to remember that the only reason there is a course is because the park district allows it. When the city of Northville gets smart and starts sending in plain clothes officers and sees cash being exchanged in the park they will do one of a few things. 1.) Issue fines, 2.) Remove the course sighting abuse. now we all know that the park district hasn't kept the course in that great of shape over the years. But since that is there policy we will follow it! If the local league chooses not to, well then any repercussions that may happen would be on them not us!

Last year like this year we will have it closed to casual play (Again per negotiations with the park district), so if people casually enter the course you can let them know that the event is going on and request them to leave. If they stop playing but remain on the course they become a spectator and there is nothing we can do about that. If they continue playing we can have them removed.