Rick Wardell  › Riverpark   May 31, 2012 at 12:18am

One more work day left this Saturday 2 June, 8:00 AM. Got alot to do still. Please come out and help.Things to bring for work day, if you have them.
Water. NO ALCOHOL PLEASE!! With the police running around out there we don’t need that kind of trouble.
Weed eater, or something the knock down weeds. Please no weed killers or chemicals of that nature.
Truck for hauling dirt, wood chips, trash, or brush. We will have a skid steer to load trucks.
Whatever you think you can use to get the job done.
Here’s the short list of tasks.
Level all tee pads.
General clean up of all holes and tee pads.
Weed eat/Mow all tee pads and basket areas.