summit dga   July 6, 2011 at 3:27am


To begin, we will be out on the course through out the rest of this week finishing up the mulch around the new holes. If it is not raining i will be out there from 10am to 1pm each day putting some finishing touches around the fairways. If you are not familiar with the new layout, it goes into the woods behind current hole 12 and loops around. so if you just hop on the path beside hole 12's pin you should see us in the general area.

so once again tomarrow we will be doing the mulch from 10am to 1pm. !!ANY AND ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED!!

Also, tomarrow the park service will be out there with a tractor and or front loader moving some of the larger logs we couldn't get out. then by the end of the week, they will finish mowing up the new green across the creek for hole 12, and make us some nice next tee and directional arrow signs that match the rest of the signs on the property.( brown with yellow lettering)

katie ordered the new stickers for the tee signs and will be buying the new practice basket tomarrow.(innova discatcher)

THEN: next week (weather permiting) the park service will begin the swap of the baskets and signs.
i will assume that the swap will take more than one day so IF the back nine is closed, appropriate signage will be posted at the course and i will make sure that we post it on here as well.


current holes 13,14,15,16,and 18 will be removed.

12's pin will be moved accross the creek bringing the hole to approx. 420ft.

then you walk about 80 ft. north to the tee for new 13 playing a 90 degree dogleg right up a hill approx 280ft (plays like 340)

then you walk about 80ft. east to the tee for new 14 playing a 220ft tunnel shot to a guarded green

then you walk about a 100ft northeast through a sweet walk way to the tee for new 15 playing a 380ft. hyzer through a schute that is just generous enough to reward a well thrown shot.

then you hop on the path heading south east and walk about 150ft to the tee for new 16 playing a 320ft. slight anhyzer toward the lake in a great well maintained grove of trees.

then you walk about 100ft to the tee for new 17 which is old 13 backwards. from the top of the hill in the corner and the basket will be right on top of current 13's tee. approx 450ft downhill anhyzer.

then 17 will be the new 18 with a little tweeking, pulling the pin away from the playground.

*** current 18's pin will be replaced with a practice basket and a putt around serving as a ghost hole or a 19th hole if you want to use it.***

we are looking forward to showcasing the new changes... see you soon.