summit dga   November 1, 2010 at 9:08pm

October meeting

the october bag tag challenge went well. 17 players. thank you all for coming out, it looked fun. ( i wish i could play)
the next bag tag challenge will be saturday november 27th. same bat time, same bat channel.

the meeting also went well with about 13 people attending ( thank you guys for putting in the time)
a full financial report was furnished as well as our current club charter.
the financial report can be looked at upon request by any club member, but will not be sent out for everyone in the world to take advantage of.

there will be full transparency at all times. open book policy.
the club charter is available upon request in digital format. if you would like a copy just send a message .

we put up a vote on what the majority would like to do with the tee pads for the short term. just until we get the money to pour new ones.

option A --- leave them alone for now
option B --- tear them out and put down a wood chip mixture with kick boards
option C --- leave them alone and do one at a time as we get the money

the majority vote says option B

i spoke to the superintendant today, the park will pull the pads out within the next 2 to 4 weeks. our club will be responsible for preping the new tee areas. then the park will bring in a nice sand/gravel mixture and lay down and base for drainage under the pad. all that being done, we will top off each pad with a fill dirt/ wood chip mixture. then rinse and repeat for 18 holes. any tees that will not be used in the future will be filled in and grass planted.

it has also been pointed out that we can use the winter to fix up the current tee signs... that is in process, more to come later.
if any one has any questions, comments or concerns feel free to ask.

no question is too small. everything will be considered.

also. there was a meeting on saturday between hudson and portage lakes. things seemed to go well, and i believe we can achieve many great things together. as of now there has been no official action taken, but some great offers have been extended and hopefully we all decide to band together as one. it would be great to combine our resources to promote and expand the game.

enjoy your day
" whip it... whip it good!"