summit dga   July 29, 2010 at 7:30pm

workin' out the kinks

summit dga coming through.
the previous arrangement with "JUST DISC GOLF" and the hudson park district was that no money was to be exchanged in the park. so all registration and payout WAS to be done at the high school.
the partnership between Summit DGA and the hudson park district is paying off. the signing of a lease aggreement now gives Summit DGA full right to conduct disc golf events, fundraising, and any other disc golf related activities in the park for money. we will do our best to assist "JUST DISC GOLF" in running this event as well as we can.
there is lots of work to be done at the course in the next two months. katie and i will be looking for any volunteers to help out with adjustments, clean up, and other tournement related tasks
if interested contact
[email redacted]