2012 Wednesday Weeklies - Summer Session - New Berlin, WI   August 2, 2012 at 10:18am

Seriously No Ace Again!!!

In Open Terry shot a better than average round (-15) to win by two over (Brad W., Dustin S., and 3 disc wonder Nate Claasen).

In Semi-pro we had the current leader Lee Ireland losing ground to Kyle Sparrow (-14), Jason Froemming (-8), an Mike Ellery (-9) his closest competitors, and infrequent visitor Cody Naas (-12).

In Advanced we had JD shooting another great (-6) score which easily puts him into Semi-Pro for next season, no matter what he shoots this upcoming week. Anthony Perez showed up again for second place shooting (-4), and newcomer Chad Nizgoda shot (-4) also. He doesn't want to but is being moved up to Semi Pro for next week.

In Amatuer we had Al GIlgenbach fresh off his personal best (-6) (I would know I was there on Friday) shooting (-4), followed by Greg Weber (-3). My only advice . . .VV leagues are pretty relaxed . . .once you realize this the shots will just go for a ride.

In the Juniors division we saw a bunch of family competing tonight. First we had a tie for the lead, but apparently they settled it and the winner ended up being Anna Weber.

In the Womens divsion we ended up with Brianna shootin (+1) and Loretta with a bounceback week at (+5). My wife rode her bike to league (from Wauwatosa) so that is probably why she shot over her average. :)

We did a CTP but the only people I was certain about were Brianna in Women and I believe it was Scott Smogeleski. I also think Terry won the Open division CTP but that cannot be verified.