Sussex Disc Golf League on Monday Nights - Fall 2011   November 2, 2011 at 5:38am

There you have it!

Well, the Sussex Leagues season is over, it was 24 weeks of absolute bliss . . . right?

Week 8 and double points night saw some come back action in 2 of our divisions and saw the front runner maintain their lead in the other two divisions. In the Open division . . .Scott Slauson, who only played 5 weeks, came back with a hot round (-11) to overtake the front-runner Paul Johnson (-10). In the Advanced division . . .Mike Harrington (me) came back from a 1 point deficit to Matt Atherton. This was my first seasonal league win in any of Terry's leagues in 3 years of playing leagues. With that . . . I guess I had better move up to Open next season. I've got some serious work to do this winter trying to add about 50' to my drives. Matt you are a competitor and I enjoyed playing with you this entire season. In the Amateur division . . . we saw newcomer Steve Musto maintain his lead over Adam Kindred despite Adam having the hot round in the division . . . its simply too hard to overtake anyone when it is only 3 people every week. We hope to develop this league further next year and get more of an AM division so come on back in 2012. In the Women's division . . . we saw BHRY Welch maintain her lead over my wife. I know it was a battle to the end. BHRY you definitely bring out the competitor in my wife and I enjoy hearing her get fired up to try to beat you. Your seasonal averages were only .13 strokes apart (in Loriena's favor), but you won by 3 points, so it looks like you did better on the higher points nights. I hope to see you two and a couple more Women in 2012!

The ACE POOL was cleared out with a wild CTP. Terry Miller was edged out by on of our AM divisional players Mike Szcachewicz by a tape measure call of 1/4 of an inch, so Mike got $33 and Terry got $18 for their CTP finish and we will start 2012 with $0 in the Ace Pool.

The Raffle prizes (brought to you by the mulligan purchases) went to the following people:

Mike Szachewicz: Avery Jenkins signed Mini
Allison Marusic: Lifetime or Skyline Dryfit
Dave Nelson: $10 off any future Lifetime event
Matt Atherton: Innova Traveler or Mini Discatcher Basket

I have funny money for the following people so if any of these are you or you know how to get a hold of any of these people please get them my email [email redacted].

Fil Lopez
Mike Wertz
Drew Retherford
Dean Peters
Zach Tillman
Tim Nimmer
Adam Bohnert
Allison Marusic
Megan Crass