Euclid Monday Night Scrambles   July 5, 2011 at 4:15pm

Happy Birthday USA!

What a beautiful night. Nine bodies (and a beautiful spectator) joined forces to take on Sims Park last night. Due to the caliber of the turnout and the odd numbers we decided to play as three person teams, thus the odd looking leaderboard. Originally we were only going to play the original 18 but during the round added A and B, skipping 19 all together. As fate would have it, adding in A and B meant the match as the team of 6-Pack, Patch and Gyo managed to birdie A on a huge drive from Ed to give them their one stroke advantage. It was literally a "birdie or die" match with a grand total of eight star holes and a huge -14 score to win it all. This week included two new players, Joe Allen, visiting from Mass and Stephen Brown, newly moved to the area. Excellent play by all three teams, it was fun to watch and be part of. See you all next week!