Euclid Monday Night Scrambles

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Monday, May 9 @ 5:30pm
Sims Park
Euclid, OH


May 2, 2016 · Top scores
Sims Park
20 Hole Layout, 20 holes
-8 52
Larry Bright Jr.
Dave H
-5 55
Rick F
Theo Mote
-5 55
Kevin McCollum
Matt Coughlin
-5 55
Timmy Kaihlanen
Bruce S
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About this League

Doubles league - 233 all-time players - 38 active players
$5.00 player fee each session
$1.00 ace pool
Depending on the turn-out it can either be a random draw scramble or an A/B or even an A/B/C draw. It is generally played as best lie. We will slide it back to 5:30 in a few weeks (mid April) and then eventually to 6:00 in May.

League News

Larry Bright Jr.   17 hours ago

Week 5 Points Standings

total Larry Bright Jr. -- 30 Dave Hotchkiss -- 26 Steve K -- 22 Rick F. -- 21 Tim. K. -- 20 Theo M. -- 19 Bruce S -- 19 Cheese -- 18 Drummer -- 18 Andy Morrison -- 14 Kevin M. -- 13 Joe Michelini -- 13 Richard Roth -- 12 Bill Harris -- 12 Rick Gzesh -- 12 Ryan Young -- 11 Jon Gensel -- 11 Aiden Gensel -- 9 Kipper -- 8 Kurtis M -- 6 Bill P. -- 5 Mike Henfling -- 5 Bob Wilbur -- 5 Mykill -- 4 Kevin Turman -- 4 Sven K -- 4 Mel Martin -- 4 Jeff Henfling -- 3 Justin Pec ... more


Larry Bright Jr.   6 days ago

Week 4 Points Standings

Updated after Week 4: Larry Bright Jr. - 23 points Steve Kristek - 20 points Dave Hotchkiss - 19 points Jeff "Cheese" Sova - 17 points Tim Kaihlanen - 16 points Rick Falstreau - 15 points Bruce S. - 15 points Drummer - 14 points Theo Mote - 13 points Joe Michelini - 13 points Richard Roth - 12 points Andy Morrison - 12 points Bill Harris - 12 points Ryan Young - 11 points Jon Gensel - 11 points Rick Gzesh - 10 points Kevin McCollum - 9 points Aiden Gensel - 9 points ... more


Larry Bright Jr.   7 days ago

Alternate Shot = High Scores!!

For our first Final Monthly Monday, we played Alternate Shot, and boy the scores show it. Mulligan Man Tim K. had the advantage, and took the round with a -2. Next time if we play this format, the Mulligan (if there is one) will only get 10 extra shots on the hole 20 holes, so that it is fair and aligned with the lesser shots taken by each team. But the scores for the top 3 were close, so I'm not sure if it gave him that much of an advantage. We also added a CTP so that each partner had ... more


Larry Bright Jr.   April 20 at 3:20pm

Week 3 Points Standings

Updated Points after Week 3: Steve Kristek -- 15 points Larry Bright Jr. -- 14 points Drummer -- 14 points Cheese -- 12 points Bill Harris -- 12 points Andy Morrison -- 12 points Theo Mote -- 12 points Jon Gensel -- 11 points Rick Falstreau -- 11 points Dave Hotchkiss -- 10 points Aiden Gensel -- 9 points Kipper -- 8 points Bruce S. -- 7 points Ryan Young -- 6 points Bill Perry -- 5 points Mike Henfling -- 5 points Kevin McCollum -- 5 points Tim K. -- 5 points Rich Roth -- 4 ... more


Larry Bright Jr.   April 20 at 3:13pm

Final Monthly Monday -- 1st take!

This next Monday will be our first Final Monday of the month, for of which we will be playing with a slightly different twist. This Monday (4/25) will use the Alternate Shot Format, with each team taking turns with their shots on each hole. The team decides who drives, then the other teammate will take the next shot, and so on. Each hole will give an option for the other teammate to drive, and it will be based on each team's discretion. See everybody Monday!!


Larry Bright Jr.   April 15 at 7:20pm

Start time moves to 5:30

We are now moving to a 5:30 start time, since there is enough light to do so. That time should hold through May, then will most likely move to a 6:00 start through August.


Larry Bright Jr.   April 11 at 10:21pm

Week 2 Points Standings

Larry Bright Jr. -- 8 points
Steve Kristek -- 6 points
Cheese Sova -- 6 points
Bill Perry -- 5 points
Mike Henfling -- 5 points
Drummer -- 4 points
Kevin McCollum -- 4 points
Rick Falstreau -- 3 points
Jeff Henfling -- 3 points
Kurtis Mathis -- 2 points
Tim Kailahnen -- 1 point
Mykill Carletta -- 1 point
Theo Mote -- 1 point
Mike Cline -- 1 point
Bruce S. -- 1 point


Larry Bright Jr.   April 6 at 6:40pm

2016 League Points Standings

As mentioned, this league will be a Points League for 2016, with the top 3 earning a unique prize at the end of the year. Points will be given to both teammates based on how many teams they beat. In the instance of a tie, you do not get a point for the team you tied, unless a CTP is used to determine payouts. Although this a scramble format, only the top 3 total points finishes will get prizes. Being a random A/B pool, it will give players from both pools an equal opportunity to finish in th ... more


Larry Bright Jr.   April 4 at 4:11pm

League Starts Tonight!

Although today's conditions are much more suited for some indoor putting league, we ain't going out like the local stick-ball team...scrambles are still on!! 5:15 start!! bundle and's cold out there.


Larry Bright Jr.   October 27 at 6:35am

Thank You!!

thanks to all the local disc golfers who came out to Euclid Monday Night Scrambles this year!! yesterday night marks the end of the league for 2015 with another year in the books that brought out a lot of new faces and even more regulars than the past couple of years. and we averaged around 22 per league night and hit 30 a few times, which is awesome. it's great to see this sport grow locally and have such a strong community of golfers to support the game. keep an eye out for winter activit ... more

Jeff Henfling   October 27 at 7:05pm

Thanks Larry for all your hard work keeping the league running every week!

Larry Bright Jr.   October 28 at 10:30am

no prob.

Larry Bright Jr.   October 26 at 11:05am

5 PM tonight!!

last night of Euclid Monday Night Scrambles for the year tonight!!! 5 PM start SHARP. and we will be playing the birdie bash style format once again to make sure we get done by or close to the 6:30 sunset tonight. temps in the high 50's and good conditions, so come out and enjoy the day while we still have enough time.


Larry Bright Jr.   October 19 at 11:05am

Biride Bash Format for Last 2 League Nights

the last two nights of Euclid Monday Night Scrambles will be played in birdie bash style format. this should help speed up the rounds and play a full 20 holes and let us finish before dark. for anyone unfamiliar with this format, scoring will be as follows: 5 points for an ace, 2 points for a birdie, and 1 point for hitting metal on your first or second shot. this will keep all holes at only 2 shots per teammate and also still allow the ace fund to paid out if anybody hits one. we will start at ... more


Larry Bright Jr.   September 21 at 7:08am

5:30 Start Time Starting Next Week!!

Today (9/21/15) will be our last 5:45 start time of the year!!! Next week we will move to a 5:30 start time, and try to keep it there until the end of October. League ends at the end of October, since we fall forward in November. EoY Party is tomorrow at Best Gyros in Cleveland Heights for all who RSVPed.


Larry Bright Jr.   September 13 at 8:36am

End Of Year Party

The End of the Year Party will be planned for Tuesday, September 22nd at Best Gyros on Cedar Rd (near Cedar Lee Theater). This will most likely be a 7 PM start and will include food stuffs in buffet form and some other libations. 25% of the buffet charge will be covered by the league, with the remaining cost and drinks cost the responsibility of those who attend. This will be discussed this week at League, and I will get a message out to any regulars who aren't there. We will need a headcount for planning purposes, so please spread the word and comment for any who are interested. Thanx!!

Team Jenkins   September 13 at 3:35pm

That's awesome

Larry Bright Jr.   September 4 at 6:23am

Pre-Rock Scrambles!

5:45 tonight!! come get some practice for the tourney!! or just come out and play!!! and 10% of entry fees will got to each Mike Broda and Bill Savage, who have fundraising events in the near future (9/13 and 9/17 respectively).


Larry Bright Jr.   September 1 at 6:19am

CTP Madness -- Final Week!!

26 showed up on the final 6 pm start of the year to play on a calm and warm day down at Sims. The biggest bounty of the year was up for grabs on hole 7, and Kevin McCollum snagged it, winning a Supercolor Buzz, a Star Roc, a Pun's Labyrinth Tee, some birdie beads, a sticker, and two minis. Larry Bright hit the daily cash CTP on hole 6 to net $26. Thanks to all who donated prizes for this month, including Kevin Sinko, Rick Gzesh, Cupcake (from Punderson), and Jason Parsons. $82 was raised ... more


Larry Bright Jr.   August 25 at 9:44pm

Indoor Putting Leauge

hitting a wall trying to find a good indoor venue the indoor putting league for the winter. the sports complexes i've contacted are either too expensive or aren't responding. so know it's time to look for a local watering hole to hold this. if anybody knows of any bars with an area that can be used for this (at least 10 feet by 40 feet needed), please let me know. or if you have any other ideas of spots, please pass the info along. thanx!!

Rick Gzesh   August 25 at 10:38pm

Larry, have you contacted the YMCA on Babbit or one of the community centers in Euclid?

Larry Bright Jr.   August 26 at 10:01am

that was just suggested to me last night. it hadn't crossed my mind, but i will be contacting the YMCA and Shore Cultural today or tomorrow.

Larry Bright Jr.   August 25 at 9:42pm

CTP Madness -- Week 3

30 golfers showed up for a very windy round down at Sims Monday for week 3 of CTP Madness. Mykill took home the CTP prize on hole 6, which included a DX Roc and a Dynamic Discs Koozie and clipboard. Drummer parked hole 16 for the daily cash CTP, and cashed in for a cool $28. Next week will be our last week with an extra prize CTP AND our last 6 PM start, as the time will move back to 5:45 for the month of September. The daily cash CTP will be in effect for the rest of the season, and we will ... more


Larry Bright Jr.   August 19 at 4:16pm

CTP Madness -- Week 2

Kipper snagged the Week 2 CTP and the win with Dish, grabbing the $$$ and the ESP Nuke and 216 Tee. Steve K. had the parkjob on hole 3 for the daily cash CTP. Only 18 golfers showed, but a couple of new faces were there, which is always nice. 2 more weeks of 6 PM start, with the CTP Madness continuing through the end of the month. There's a DX Roc along with a Dynamic Discs mini clipboard and koozie up for grabs next week. Lets try to get a turnout of 30+ before this is done!!!


Larry Bright Jr.   August 17 at 10:38am

Discs for Sale!!

i'm gonna bring my extra supply of discs up to Scrambles tonight in hopes of selling some. good deals and a decent supply of different manufacturers. message me here if you are interested in anything specific and i can put it aside for you.


Larry Bright Jr.   August 15 at 1:09pm

Winter Indoor Putting League

plans are in progress for an indoor putting league this winter!!! it may be alternating weeks from east to west side to allow all a chance to participate. still checking on venues and some other specifics, but this should be fun for all and allow some great practice during the crappy cleveland winter months. if you have any ideas or suggestions, including venues, please let me know. i'd like a minimum of 50 feet by 20 feet of space to make this successful. keep an eye and ear out for more info coming very soon!!!


Larry Bright Jr.   August 11 at 4:50pm

CTP Madness -- August Version

The first week of August CTP Madness is complete!! Tim K hit the CTP on hole 4 for the 2015 Ice Bowl Wizard and mini stash set with a park job on the hole, leaving his shot about a foot in front of it. Bill Perry hit the daily cash CTP on hole $14 and landed a cool $20, which is a dollar from each of the 20 people we had show up last night on a rainy night. We played a shortened course, playing holes 13-18 and A and B, and Drummer and Mike Cline through a stellar -9 in some wet conditions. N ... more

Rick Gzesh   August 11 at 8:19pm

It was Rick G who parked his drive on Hole 4 to win the CTP. As for the disc I am donating, one of my customers in Michigan had a Disc Golf Tournament and I got the company I work for to sponsor the disc. As Larry said, it is a very cool design that I am sure you will be proud to throw. If everyone likes it, I might be able to rustle up another one to put up for a future CTP.

Larry Bright Jr.   August 11 at 8:32pm

my mistake Rick. you are correct on the park job on 4. nice shot!! ;)

Larry Bright Jr.   August 10 at 2:50pm

Possibility of Rain

could be a wet one for Euclid Monday Night Scrambles at Sims Park Disc Golf Course tonight...but we are still on!! CTPs for cash and prizes will be in play tonight, with a 2015 Ice Bowl Wizard Putter and Ice Bowl stash mini up for grabs along with the daily $$$ CTP. $5 entry for the scramble, $1 for the ace fund, $1 for the $$$ CTP, and $1 for the prize CTP for $8 total if you want in on all the fun!! The prize CTP will be on hole 4 this week, and the $$$ CTP will be a random drawn hole as usual


Larry Bright Jr.   July 21 at 9:51pm

CTPs for Prizes Back August 10th!!

Before the end of the Summer, I am going to add on 4 weeks of CTPs for prizes, similar as to earlier in the year. Each will be $1 to enter, and will begin on August 10th and go through the end of the month on August 31st with a $2 entry. Below are the prizes that will be up for grabs: August 10th: 2015 Ice Bowl Wizard Putter and Ice Bowl stash mini August 17th: ESP Nuke and 216 Disc Golf Shirt (shirt donated by Kevin Sinko) August 24th: Papa's Shake and Bake DX Roc and Dynamic ... more

Larry Bright Jr.   August 17 at 4:27pm

There will be a change to the August 31st will now be the Super Color Buzz donated by Rick G and some extra goodies!!!

Larry Bright Jr.   July 13 at 11:23am

Scott Stokely Clinich / League Night

we may have an opportunity to have disc golf pro and legend Scott Stokely to host a clinic and scrambles at Sims Park Disc Golf Course on 7/27/15. The clinic would run 5-6:15, with scrambles starting at 6:30. There would be a $12 fee for entry that will include the clinic and the scramble. The scramble will be paid out in discs supplied by Fly High Discs, who sponsors Scott. I would like some feedback on this before committing. Thoughts??

show all 5 comments
Jeff Henfling   July 13 at 8:21pm

I'd be interested. Most likely should make it that day

Michael "Sean" Barnes   July 14 at 6:15am

I believe that I can make it. Sounds cool! What kind of clinic?

Rick Gzesh   July 19 at 6:47am

A Disc Golf Clinic me thinks!

Larry Bright Jr.   June 23 at 8:20pm

Rain Delay!

Thanks to the 23 other crazy golfers who stuck it out until the rain and sky cleared for a great round of scrambles!! Congrats to Steve K for hitting the daily cash CTP for $24 bucks!! And thanks to Serg P for his $10 donation to the club!! Back at it next week for more at 6 pm sharp!!


Larry Bright Jr.   June 15 at 10:49pm

CTPs -- week 3

Congrats to Schwartz for cleaning up on the CTPs today including both the cash CTP for $23 and the signed Ricky Wysocki Westside Sword!! And he did this in a pretty steady thunderstorm!! Nice!! Thanks again to Jon Gensel for his very generous donation. He helped earn the course fund $90!! Awesome!! The random cash hole CTP will be in effect the remainder of the year. So that is $5 for the Scramble, $1 for the Ace Fund, and $1 for the cash CTP if you want in on all the fun. Toward t ... more


Larry Bright Jr.   June 9 at 5:04pm

CTPs -- week 2

Congrats to Yaddi for hitting the CTP on hole 5 for the Westside Seer. Rowdy cashed in on the daily cash CTP for $20, which was hole 11 for this week. So far, a different person has hit the CTPs for both cash and discs, so everyone has a chance!! Next week the autographed Ricky Wysocki Sword will be up for grabs!! This one will be $2 for a chance to win. Hole 4 will be used for this specific CTP. So far, $48 has been raised with only 2 discs!! Let's try to get this up to a hundo ... more


Larry Bright Jr.   June 2, 2015 at 8:02pm

CTPs -- week 1

Congrats to Jeff Henfling for taking the CTP on hole 5 for the Westside Bard. Andy Morrison hit the weekly cash CTP for $29, thanks to our biggest turnout of the year!!

Same thing next week with a different disc!! And for the 3rd week, don't forget it's for a Ricky Wysocki autographed Westside Sword!! That disc will be a $2 entry fee.

Thanx again to John Gensel for the donation!! One disc raised $28 for the club. We should be able to get close to $100 for all three discs if this trend continues!!


Larry Bright Jr.   May 25, 2015 at 4:28pm


Thanks to a generous donation from Jon Gensel, we will be having 3 straight weeks of CTPS, featuring a Westside Discs Trio (Bard, Seer, and King), with the latter being signed by Ricky Wysocki himself. This will coincide with our first 6:00 pm start next week. Each week for the 3 concurrent weeks, a disc will be up for grabs by CTP on holes 4, 5, and 6, in that order. For the first two weeks, to be eligible, $1 extra will be donated to the club for a chance to win the disc. One the final wee ... more

Neil "Willie" Wilson   June 2, 2015 at 1:44pm

Hey I think everyone probably heard me mention it last night (6/1), but I lost a silver e-cig with an aerotank on top somewhere between 3 and 8-9; if anybody saw that and picked it up, I'd happily give a small gift of gratitude in return.

Larry Bright Jr.   May 24, 2015 at 6:10pm

6:00 Start Time!!

We will be moving to the 6:00 pm start time on 6/1/15!! This should hold through the end of July. C'mon out and throw some discs!! And we'll still be at it tomorrow for our last 5:30 start time!!


Larry Bright Jr.   May 2, 2015 at 10:24am

5:30 Start Time

We officially move to a 5:30 start time this week, and it should hold through mid-June.


Larry Bright Jr.   March 9, 2015 at 9:30pm

We are back!!

First night is in the books!! 13 people came out for the first week with Larry and Mykill grabbing the win with a -7. Mark and Sven came in at a close 2nd with -6, and Schwartz took 3rd as mulligan man with a -4. 5 PM start thru March! Come out and throw!!


Larry Bright Jr.   October 28, 2014 at 5:14pm

Another Season Complete!!

Another year of Monday Night Scrambles is in the books!! Thanks to everyone who came out this year, and it was cool to see some new faces and some new regulars come out and support Euclid Disc Golf!!! This year we paid out 2 aces at $100 each (congrats Bobby Insana and Mike Thomas) and still have $292 left for the club. Some of that is sure to carry over to next year, so we should be starting with almost 2 full ace pots once the season starts in the Spring!! And don't forget the Pre-W ... more

Rick Gzesh   November 8, 2014 at 10:57pm

Larry, thanks for your efforts to keep our Scrambles and Euclid Disc Golf Club alive!

Larry Bright Jr.   October 2, 2014 at 4:04pm

October is here...

which means we are running out of time to keep this league rolling. starting this monday, october 6th, we will have a 5 - 5:15 start time to ensure we can play all 20 holes before it gets too dark. please be at the course no later than 5:05, as we will start by 5:15 each day. teams will be chosen by 5:10. if you will be late, you are out of luck! and keep an eye out for the saturday league, which starts in november. we will most likely have a 11 AM start time to help those who wish to hit punderson after.


Larry Bright Jr.   September 14, 2014 at 9:23am

5:30 Start Time

we will be starting at 5:30 beginning tomorrow for the next few weeks, before moving it back to 5:15. Bill Perry will also be running the show, as I will not be there tomorrow.

Also looking for somebody to help out on the 29th, as I cannot make it that day either. Speak up if you can help out!!


Larry Bright Jr.   August 22, 2014 at 6:15am

Last 6 PM Start Time 8/25/14

daylight is fleeting...this Monday 8/25 will be our last 6 PM start of the year. We will move back to 5:45 for a couple weeks and then to 5:30. Come out and get your practice for the Rock!!


Larry Bright Jr.   June 15, 2014 at 8:34pm

6:00 Start Time!!

We move to a 6:00 start time tomorrow and will hold that time for the foreseeable future. And don't forget the Trilogy Challenge on July 6th!! This event is preregistration only!! Details on the tourney page here on the Scene!!


Larry Bright Jr.   June 1, 2014 at 8:08pm

2 more weeks of 5:45 start!!

We have 2 weeks left with a 5:45 start time and will be moving to 6 PM on 6/16!! C'mon out and throw!!


Larry Bright Jr.   May 19, 2014 at 9:32pm


The best turnout of the year on the nicest day we have had yet also produced our first league ace in well over a year. Congrats to Bobby Insana for the ace on hole 5 and the cool $100 you get for smashing them chains!! We still have 1 ace pot at $100 and one more at $67, so there's more to be had!! Scrambles are on as planned for Memorial Day with a 5:45 start!!

Rowdy Yates   May 19, 2014 at 11:18pm

Disc golf ACE!: Watch Bobby Insanas' ace here.

Larry Bright Jr.   May 20, 2014 at 6:09am

thanx for posting rowdy!

Larry Bright Jr.   April 28, 2014 at 6:36am

rain expected today

rain is the the forecast for this afternoon and early evening. i still plan on being there though for a 5:15 start, unless otherwise noted here.


Larry Bright Jr.   March 3, 2014 at 5:27pm

almost that time!!

monday night scrambles are back next monday 3/10/14!!! we will be holding a 5 PM start time through march and then time will be changed accordingly based on the daylight. hope to see some old and new faces out there!!


Joseph Latina   July 1, 2013 at 9:09pm

New scramble organizer wanted...

Burnt out
Taking volunteers who can be available almost every Monday from 5:30 to 8:30 between May and October to run doubles scrambles at Euclid - Sims park.

Contact me here if interest

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Rick Gzesh   July 2, 2013 at 9:27am

You can count on Rick G helping out! Joe, thanks for all you have given to Sims Park Disc Golf. You have worked hard and deserve a break. There are more than enough folks who are willing to help to keep this going.

Joseph Latina   July 5, 2013 at 3:27pm

Larry and Bill. You two are probably the most viable candidates. Larry, Last week you said you did not have Monday's available for the next 3 Mondays (softball)?? You guys can work it out however you want. We have usually had one man be a point man but I am totally ok with a team effort two ... more

Larry Bright Jr.   July 5, 2013 at 5:08pm

i'll only be missing one monday in the next few weeks but should be fine otherwise. we'll work something out. i plan on being there regardless.

eric wernet   June 12, 2012 at 9:44am

Lake County Invasion!

They came in droves! Carpooling and filing up cards, welcome to the Wreckers! We also had a special guest from C-Bus, with a surprise visit from Shu! Ben Hamlin made his season debut, busy man but wonderful to see him come out and share his time with us! Eric and Will tore it up, as did Bill and newbie Ryan, but the birdie on the last hole of play put the Wernet/Jakubs team in the solo lead at -11. It was a lovely night with a slight drizzle most of the time, making the summer night just a little more pleasant. Hope to see more of you coming out next week.


eric wernet   June 5, 2012 at 7:04am

Big Tournament Blues

I'm guessing, due to the weekend's Shoot the Breeze tourney in Ashtabula, the numbers were low. It didn't stop three teams from coming in at -8 on a pretty chill and nice night at Sims. CTP from the Triangle needed a measurement and the impartial jury (Drummer) counted em off and gave the big prize to Larry B Jr and Mr Koczan. See you all next week, hopefully!!


eric wernet   May 29, 2012 at 7:07am

Memorial of sacrifices made

Lets stop for a minute and remember that Memorial Day is to commemorate those men and women who have given their lives in the defense of our country. Thanks for that!! A rather solid turnout for a holiday scrambles, usually lightly attended! Schwartz shows why he is da man at Sims by once again, getting the best of the field, along with his partner, Lake County Wrecking Crew's Bob Becker. It was once again a Gyo Special, this time utilizing all the holes but alt tees on several, taking ... more


eric wernet   May 22, 2012 at 6:52am

Business as usual.

The night was beautiful. Storms south of Sims seemed to keep the numbers down just a bit but the turnout also saw a bonus Mel Martin sighting. It turns out that will be rare due to scheduling but it is never a bad thing to have her come and kick your ass. Barbo and Will did the damage, posting double digits with a -10 on the second Gyo special of the season. This saw an alt tee pad for 11, 16 and 17 and a combo hole of 5/6. Slicing two birdies off the course certainly changed to overall. Hope to see you all next Lunes!


eric wernet   May 17, 2012 at 10:07pm

Gyo Special and a Perry/Vegas Smoke em!

WOW! Bill Perry and Jimmy Vegas showed us that they can play! This B-Team killed the Gyo Special on Monday night, going -12 to take the big money. A first at Sims for both, it was super nice to see. It certainly proves, if you are coming up to Euclid to cash, you are going to have to earn it! This course is anyone's to dominate! It was also our first night at 6 and the first night Gyo took over the running and the layout. Expect these kinds of changes and alterations all summer. See you all next Monday!


eric wernet   May 8, 2012 at 7:01am

High Caliber course killing!

WOW! The caliber of players coming out to EUCLID! has been excellent lately, as we continue to simply have too many solid players to not keep up with the random draw Mondays! Gyo and Schwartz absolutely killed the course, posting a -13 with a tie for second at -10. An excellent showing from the Medina crew and a bonus Jon DeCapua appearance ushered us into what should be a fantastic summer of disc golf at Sims Park DGC this year! Not to be missed in the numbers (up to 20!) was Mr. Ace himsel ... more


eric wernet   May 1, 2012 at 6:12am

Electric night!

Flashing in the sky that is. Thankfully, the thunder held off to the very end so we managed to finish things up but not without a bit of a soaking. The Parma Krew made it out in big numbers for the first time this season, good to see those guys and even bonus Stephen Brown, Barbo and Rod Flinner sightings! The quality of players was still quite high, so random draw was still the word of the night with the Spiggy/Barbo pairing nailing down the biggest cash with a -11. A CTP throw-off for 2nd ... more


eric wernet   April 24, 2012 at 7:09am

Big rollers, not many throwers

The wind was HUGE coming off of the Lake, but the numbers were severely reduced as a result. The scores were also seriously reduced with only one team managing to keep it under par, a huge congrats to Larry and Steve, bombing and finishing all night. Not bad for a team that was +4 after the first three holes and managed to score a couple of birdie runs on the back of the course. Welcome back Vinnie P! See you next week!


eric wernet   April 17, 2012 at 6:07am

Where o where did all of you go?

Seriously! Very light turnout for our first shift back to 5:30. We did have a Roboto sighting, that was a bonus and Mr Koczan made his first spring appearance truly count. He and Marc Theodore posted an impressive -9 in extremely windy conditions to take the prize. Also impressive is that under the conditions, there were only two bogies recorded all night. Hope to see a better turnout next week!


eric wernet   April 10, 2012 at 8:35am

As the Weather Turns

The pool of players increases! It is pretty cool to see the NEO area grow its own into some pretty solid golfers! New faces keep popping up and this Monday thing builds. The weather was pretty dynamite, at least early. Temps plummeted late with the winds shifting out of the north. Going into the last hole of the night, two teams had the chance to play extra golf (theme for the past week if you watch the Tribe or saw the Masters) but that hole was 19 and it can be unforgiving at best. One t ... more


eric wernet   April 3, 2012 at 6:24am

Ever increasing....

Players and use of the course! Sims continues to dry itself out, a long way to go but progress is being made. Let's hope its not a drought but the dry weather has been a plus. All the tee pads are playable and were used last night. The power of the Schwartz and and the putting brilliance of Mr. Morrison rode the two of them to a two bogie -8 round. Second place was awarded after a CTP. The make-up of this year's scrambles continues to excite me as the caliber of players is up and ... more


eric wernet   March 26, 2012 at 8:41pm

A brief return to normalcy

No, the course didn't dry out, but it was more playable than it has been lately. Still a mire, but not to be unexpected in March. The winds were coming off the lake and cold. The scores were a bit down, except for the overall winner, sweeping away the cash with a -11. Welcome back Mr. Raney! It certainly didn't hurt to have Mr. Long along for the ride. Looks like Rich is feeling better heading into the Spring! Also popping back out for his first Spring visit was Neighbor Rick! ... more


eric wernet   March 21, 2012 at 6:44pm

Excellent weather, short turn-out, expected winner

After seeing Schwartz post his best round ever at Sims on Sunday, it does not surprise that on Monday, he shows back up and takes even more money! He did have a little help and believe it or not it was WETTER but he and Andy "The King of Punderson" Morrison took the winning pot home with them. Will Jakubs made the most of his mulligans in the Cali, "I'm playing alone" format and a CTP to take the $10 second place piece. See you all next week, when we should be adding more holes as the weather changes (hopefully!).


eric wernet   March 12, 2012 at 8:41pm

Cherry has been broken!

Welcome to 2012!!!!!! The weather broke and the conditions were WET and a bit breezy with the winds out of the southwest and did I mention it was WET?!! Eleven showed, with Austin playing with himself, I mean as the Muligan Man. Great crowd out for an opening night, this shows for a very promising season ahead. Eric and Rob pulled it out by being the only team without a bogie, the difference in the final scoring. See you all on SUNDAY for the Frozen Fingers finale. Hope to see more out next Monday.


eric wernet   October 25, 2011 at 6:42am

Its over!

Over 100 players joined us here in EUCLID! to ply the shores of Lake Erie and take on the soggiest year ever. Last night was our last night for 2011. A meager turnout and some of the lowest winning scores in weeks but I don't believe either winning team was complaining! Thanks to everyone who made this year's Scrambles so successful. The ace fund stands at $225. $100 of that will start next year off as the Ace Fund, the other $125 is going into the club account to be used as we ne ... more


eric wernet   October 10, 2011 at 9:55pm

It took most of the season and perfect weather but....

An ACE has been posted during Monday Night Scrambles. GYO laced a tight little S that crashed chains from 280 ft out, banging 18 and taking home $100! Super weather night with 16 showing and the scores showing. Random draw night with a very hot team of Tank and Schwartz killing the course for a -12, coming in right behind was the on fire tandem of Bob Becker and Stephen Brown at -11. This was Stephen's third -11 round in a row, carding one yesterday in warm up, and a second in the Post Ace Race doubles w/ Kipper.

We will continue next week @ 5. Come one, come all!


eric wernet   October 6, 2011 at 6:58am

Scrambles moving to 5.

Light is simply not holding out. Very small turnout on Monday but the weather was sketchy, not surprised. We will keep going as long as we can, which means a couple more weeks.

Good solid middle of the round for Greg and Schwartz, including the bonus birdies on 14 (45 ft putt) and 16 (huge drive, 40 ft putt!) to put a one shot win on first time mulligan man Stephen Brown!

See you on Monday if you aren't coming out to either Parma on Saturday or the Ace Race on Sunday!


eric wernet   September 20, 2011 at 7:15am

Steady Rain and warm, very few showed

But enough did to make things happen. Random draw night, solid rain all evening, although never really hard and a steady breeze out of the southeast. Big Mike almost took the ace fund when he kissed the front off the basket off the tee on 6, his second shot also nearly had him paid! Steve squared was playing solid golf, with Bona hitting a couple of long putts throughout the night!

Hope people make it back out next week! See you then.


eric wernet   September 15, 2011 at 7:00am

First at 5:30

And a rather light turnout, as compared to lately. Got a couple of new faces, always cool, and the scores were seriously depressed, odd, since the weather didn't forcast that at all. Think I personally blew Neighbor Rick's mind when I told him third place today was going to be decided by a rock, paper, scissors game. He relented, and won.

Next week, same sandbox, still a 5:30 start.


eric wernet   August 30, 2011 at 6:38am

Last Monday Night Scrambles (@ 6!)

Just an fyi before news, next week's scrambles will not be official as The Rock is on Sunday. When things pick up again (13 Sept) the start time will be 5:30 as we are simply running out of day light. Last night was again, a perfect night for golf. Calm breezes, excellent temps and a very nice turnout. Gyo and Bob Becker went out and once again, found the nether world score of -12. We are starting to expect these kind of scores to win around here! Bring that same game on your own ... more


eric wernet   August 24, 2011 at 7:32am

Perfect weather = HUGE turnout!!!

Scrambles is more than a simple meeting of friends on a Monday evening on the shores of Lake Erie. It is the chance to meet new people. It is the opportunity to have tiny winged vampires suck your blood. It is the time to give back to the course by doing a little clean up (thanks boys and Judy!). And it is the chance to KILL the course! Look at those scores people! Double digits or you are fighting for your money back!!!!!! Gyo and Bob simply tore the course apart (-12), with Gyo draining ... more


eric wernet   August 16, 2011 at 9:32am

Raney on your parade with Cherrys on the side!

Rich Raney made a triumphant return to the Monday night scene by pairing with Eric Cherry to go -10 in tough conditions. Just as play started, the wind picked up off Lake Erie and brought a characteristic stiff wind from the waters making the play on holes 1 - 4 interesting! It is not often that most of the payouts during Monday Scrambles are in the single digits, Sims has lots of birdies to offer up to the pairings but throw the wind in, eliminate hole 5 (basket surrounded by upwards of 6&quo ... more


eric wernet   August 9, 2011 at 11:41am

The Hamlin Machine Marches On!

Ben Hamlin and the meteor known as Mike Ryan did it again, with a -11 with the boys from Medina, Ryan and Brian tying them to split the 1/2 pot! Best turnout of the season with 31 coming out to test the soggy fairways. An inch of rain the night before left 7's tee pad underwater, forcing us to play the "alt" tee. Conditions were nice last night though with the entire field playing under par and three teams at -8 missing the payout. Looks like the new system is working so anoth ... more


eric wernet   August 2, 2011 at 2:21pm

Welcome to August!

Hot and muggy. No shocker here. First night of new format and what seems like a success. Numbers were competitive across the board. We'll keep working it to see if it stays. The two top teams decided to split 1st and 2nd, each coming in tied at -10. Six new adds to league, a couple of faces returning for the first time in quite a while. Good to see Vacha, Barbo, and Dalton. Welcome also to Ryan Long and Eric Leslie! See you all next week!


eric wernet   July 28, 2011 at 2:45pm

Nice turn out people!

Once again, more people coming back out of the woodwork (Spotz!) and foreign visitors! (Bill F). Weather held, if fact it was very chill all night, not the temps but the winds for sure. Hamlin and Big Mike killed it at -13 with Roboto and Neighbor Rick coming in at -11. Well played all! We need to let everyone (who reads this) that next week we will be trying a slightly different format. We are adding a C pool for players. We will be breaking people into three groups, A, B and C. The best ... more


eric wernet   July 19, 2011 at 8:51am

Threatening and then calm

A wicked blowa kicked up right before tee time last night, threatening to drown out our play. Coming in off the Lake, it made the front four a bit more of a challenge but only for a bit. The winds subsided, the rain never really came and the scores dropped, just as expected. Didn't help the couple of us who started on those Lake holes but that comes with the territory of living on Lake Erie, changes by the minute. All good, still sorting out places by CTP with one team left out of the m ... more


eric wernet   July 12, 2011 at 8:10am

Don't ya think....

...when you and your partner shoot the course 13 strokes down, you should win? Well, there were TWO of those tonight and they had to take on the CTP gamble. Turns out the B+ partners of eRock and Neighbor Rick are turning out to be quite the pickup these days. Little light on the turnout, could be it was raining in most places just an hour before tee time or too many tired arms from tourney play this past weekend. Conditions were a bit windy at first but chill late, and we had a couple more newbies out to Scramble. See you all next week!


eric wernet   July 5, 2011 at 12:15pm

Happy Birthday USA!

What a beautiful night. Nine bodies (and a beautiful spectator) joined forces to take on Sims Park last night. Due to the caliber of the turnout and the odd numbers we decided to play as three person teams, thus the odd looking leaderboard. Originally we were only going to play the original 18 but during the round added A and B, skipping 19 all together. As fate would have it, adding in A and B meant the match as the team of 6-Pack, Patch and Gyo managed to birdie A on a huge drive from Ed t ... more


eric wernet   June 28, 2011 at 7:37am

Lovely Evening

One of the best parts about running a regular event on the local scene is having players from other courses and clubs pop in for the night. Last night it was the Hudson/Summit kids stopping up to sample some lake side fun and they of course held their own, as expected! Real tight scoring with no less than four groups coming in tied for second at -6. The southerly winds must have been playing more havoc on the field than expected. The CTP was taken care of on hole 1 with Roboto and Neighbor R ... more


eric wernet   June 21, 2011 at 7:21am

T-Storm leave a mess

An hour and a half before tee time, a wicked thunderstorm rolled in and left at least an inch to an inch and a half of rain in the area. Anyone who has played Sims knows that it doesn't take water well and this year has been especially bad. As a result, the numbers were way down this week and three holes were unplayable. Hole 5 had a couple of inches of water in the basin and 6 was a mess. 7 was played from the alternate tee spot and 19 was also deemed unplayable. The low turnout left ... more


eric wernet   June 15, 2011 at 8:48am


Nice turnout boys and Judy! The scores were a little depressed on a beautiful day for d-golf. It was a bit breezy but not too bad. Kevin and Neighbor Rick pulled it out with a -9 with a CTP needed to settle 2nd and 3rd. Gyo put his shot from 150ft within 4ft of the basket to take 2nd along with Steve K. The alphabet pairing of BZ and PK played well with BZ potting some putts from upwards of 50ft on at least two occasions. B to the Z is definitely the B partner you want to have on your card!

See you all next week!


eric wernet   June 7, 2011 at 7:54am

Finally, a dry course!

And it showed on the scores! Very lopsided turnout this evening, way more B players than A players. Ended up doing a random draw. Scores were reasonably consistent but there were some that could have used a muligan. We have rethought the evening and in the future this will be added. It was a dogfight on one card with Drummer having a shot to bring his team to -11 on hole 19 just to have it chain out. CTP for third required two throws as the first time none of the four throws were inside the circle! See you all next week!


eric wernet   May 31, 2011 at 6:41am

Light Memorial Day

Damn, that course is a mess. Mud, muck and smell. Gyo and Will didn't mind as they tore it up, going 10 down in easy fashion. Here's to hoping the course does some drying up in the next week with NO MORE RAIN PLEASE!


eric wernet   May 24, 2011 at 6:52am

Avoided Armagedeon

The area got lashed with T-Storms last night but all we had to deal with was a brief 10 minute downpour and then partly sunny skies and a double rainbow. The EUCLID! storm bubble was working well last night. Hamlin continues to take down the competition and old faces continue to come out of hiding. Good to see Rob N and The Real Keller out and of course, who complains when our biggest Prince fan, B to the Z shows his face! We all win! It looks like Stevenson's is becoming THE stop after for greasy burgers and good brews!


eric wernet   May 17, 2011 at 10:20am

16 May - Crappy

It was a very low turnout, but it was a turnout! Six brave golfers managed to make it out for our first 6 pm start this year. John and his partner Mike managed to take it on a CTP after scoring exactly the same as Ben H and his partner Jeff. Ben said, the course was "completely soaked in water, 25 mph gusts and 43 degrees with rain - terrible."

See ya all next week!


eric wernet   May 11, 2011 at 6:16am

Ace Fund added / Start time is now 6 pm!

As of 16 May, scrambles will start at 6. There is also an additional $1 ace fund that has been added. It will cap at $100 with overages being held for additional aces.


eric wernet   May 3, 2011 at 7:26am

we are active. starts at 5:30 for now

Shifting to 6 very soon.