24 Chains   April 27, 2011 at 3:44am

Easter Sunday Sillyness

OK so if anyone did happen to look at the scores from this past weeks game and wonder just how some none pro players all shot double dig down? Well it's cause we played the most interesting game of WOLF ever with 8 players and a whole lot of sillyness. Just to give prop to the players for doing what they did best the break down of points went as so
Phil - 27
Miah - 24
Dave - 24
Dan - 24
Steve-O - 24
Kurt - 22
Carter - 22
and Ken rocked out 8 points (he went solo with 7 points riding and we cashed him in on that one for double)

So maybe we didn't all indapendently shot that low of games, but there is no setting for WOLF with an 8 pack so I did it that way cause these boys deserve their scores. After all we are pirates we will do it our way right?