24 Chains   December 3, 2010 at 6:01pm

To all Members of 24 Chains

To All 24 Chains Members

There has been a fair share of on wall conversations, and person emails between several members, and staff as of late. I'm taking just a short amount of your time to explain just a few simple things.

First and foremost 24 Chains has always been, and will strive as hard as possible to keep our league free, and for the players first. There will at times be cost that are outside of our control such as park cost, and pay to play cost. We understand that this will play a roll in each person’s choice weather they play or not that week. We will never look down on anyone who chooses not to play weather it is for the cost, the drive, or even the weather (but we reserve the right to heckle you if you say it's too cold for you).

Second seems to be the topic of concern as of late. 24 Chains stands alone in our design of play. No other league has been successful in doing what we do with the player having a say in the course, the game, the time, the cost, and other aspects of format that may occur. However while we do encourage this participation to all members. Those same members need to be aware that the final decision falls to the three heads of 24 Chains. Gabe Dotson the founder and President of 24 Chains. Jeremiah Swain Co-founder, and Vice President. Raymond Karl Head Chair. The actions taken by 24 Chains are theirs to decide for it is our responsibility to help represent 24 Chains to the other leagues. We will always try to let our personal influence be the last, or at least the least of the deciding vote on games. However there will be few times when we will have to decide what we feel is best for the group as a whole when there is conflict of interest. We have always held being respectful to the players in high regard cause without each one of you this could have never become what it is today.

The Third idea I would like to share deals with our representation at, and with other leagues. We always promote our players to be members of other leagues for we are all part of the same (very small) subculture. We are known for be a fun bunch, and a bit rowdy. However our format allows us to play with more conservative leagues who invite us to play. When ever another club has already established themselves as a weekly at a park at a certain time we will respect that club. If they are open to us joining them, and the vote decided to join them we will play by their design. This point is not negotiable. We enjoy being part of someone else’s game, and look forward to being invited back. With that in mind we will always show them the respect they show us with the invite by not disrupting their play style. This may mean fees that we do not normally carry. We will try to make their cost known to you before the round is decided so you can choose weather or not to attend.

Finally to help deal with some of the current and I'm sure future conflicts. Votes for the upcoming week’s game should be posted by noon on Tuesday with any adjustments a player would like to make such as start time, possible side games, and even offering up the idea for a friendly cash round. This way we all have time to make our voice be heard about how we feel on each topic before the Thursday final vote comes in. We will still take in to consideration all comments made after noon Tuesday, but understand that it is in the interest of all players that we do make this system more functional as we continue to grown

Thank you all. I know this was a bit longer then I had intended, but I feel it was necessary as we all begin to grow together in our league, and as players.