24 Chains   March 18, 2010 at 5:54pm

A3disc Needs you!!

Per William Gilbert..
hello everyone
We are having a work day this saturday starting at 8AM at the group camp course (part of hudson mills metropark). we will be looking for the metal sleeves that were put in the ground in 2000 for worlds ran by A3. They are all buried or grown over. So we have at least 1 of the original course designed maybe both coming out to help us find them. We have found a metal detector to use, more would be fantastic. We need people with shovels to dig for the sleeves once found.
We need bodies.
We need people with shovels.
Some stakes to mark the sleeves once found.
If anybody has a GPS unit to mark the coordinates of the sleeves when found would be a huge help.
Let me know if you can make it even if not at 8AM later is fine to. Gunars (1 of the original course designers) is coming but has to leave by noon. The rest of us can continue to work if not finished until done or time runs out.
This course is located to the north of Hudson mills metropark, right across the street from the park entrance. Entrance is north on huron river dr about .5 miles on the left.
Let me know if you can, might or will try and make it out please.
I can be reached via mail here or at [email redacted] or 734 649 8220. Cassidy I have some discs for your event if you make it out. Board never responded to it but I will get you a couple discs for sure, lol.
You do not need a metropark sticker to get in here now so no costs to you except gas.