Kevin Zane  › Rick Petrie   April 10, 2012 at 11:24pm

I've been milling over this for the last few weeks and there really is no good way that I can think of the enforce any obligation to accept/ or put your tag up for a challenge. I think that it is important to stress the importance to newcomers of keeping tags in rotation, but lets be realistic: somebody will always come and try to snatch #1 (and end up leaving with a low number, never to be seen again). This is a common practice for a lot of players who travel, and athough it is a total D*** move, it is going to happen every season. Maybe having a player commit to 1 round before being eligible might help turn away a small portion of that. I don't think that anyone without any intentions of "poaching" a tag would be opposed to that. (just an idea). I am leaning toward the idea (in GA) of not running a tag league, but perhaps still having un-numbered tags to promote the league making possession of one mandatory for league play and including that in a league fee (maybe giving points to outside of league rounds between members and points for work days, or in your case maybe even attending meetings?). Everyone who cares what number they are pays close enough attention on discgolfscene to know where they/ their friends stand. You could still generate the big numbers of league members without having to worry about anyone running away with tags and still have an "official" tag to help promote your league when members are on the road. Not having numbered tags might take the a little of the competitive edge off, but I think that 90% of the reason that many of us show up is the total league night experience anyway.