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Tuttle Creek Family Course › March 6, 2017
Cool little course with lots of fun shots. I think it's going to be wildly popular.
Looks like their might be room for 9 more in the area = an 18 hole course.
Needs a main sign so random people who visit the park understand what it is.
Going to need concrete tee pads, b/c the ruts will become a problem by 2018.
Carey ParkMain course › September 11, 2016
Swope Park › July 17, 2016
Fun course. Will elaborate here later.
Shunga Park › March 20, 2016
I used to enjoy the course (as a beginner in 2008-2010) because I thought it's what "Big Time" disc golf was going to be like. However, I am starting to change my opinion of the course because most of the difficulty is it's length & it's length alone. Yesterday I found myself throwing my 2nd drive past potentially cool pin placements, only to be approaching and/or putting at a basket setting in a HUGE open flat area. Is this sport golf or a distance competition? What's the point of the second ...
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Hitchcock › August 6, 2015
Played this temporary course set up in the 2015 State Games of America tournament. PROS: Rolling hills were great for uphill & downhill shots. Tall majestic trees, of all types (pine, cedar & deciduous) some with low hanging canopy's, were fun to navigate around. Great use of the water feature (pond) with fountain. Got to throw over it three times. Once throwing perpendicular across it, twice glancing across the edge, plus one time with it looming straight behind the basket & onlookers at the T ...
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Hummel Park › August 6, 2015
Easily the most intense course I've played, of the 70-ish courses I've played.
The elevation changes, combined with the heavily wooded fairways & risky out-of-bounds, makes for a very difficult course.
Louisville DGC › August 2, 2014
This course was only 4 or so blocks from my hotel (on a non-disc golf trip).
Nice little course for kids, good entertainment & short game practice for adults.
Really appreciate how someone managed to get a course approved & built near all these nice homes... wished every City had this much trust.
Rotary Park › August 2, 2014
Stumbled across this course when visiting family.
Nice little course for kids, good entertainment & short game practice for adults.
Looks to be a chance to add 9 and close the loop as an 18 hole course.
The park is a much better place with disc golf in it.
Fairmont Park › April 12, 2014
All 18 concrete tee pads are completed & operational as of today (4/11)... please consider updating your previous course reviews.

See you on a course soon!
Rose Park › July 10, 2013
I especially like it because it's in my home town, thus giving me a handy place to play when I go back home to visit family. They did the best they could with the property they had to work with. Nice mix of right & left fairways, a handful of tunnel shots & a few semi-open drives so you can "air it out", make for a fun round. Great course for kids & beginners to get hooked on the sport. Hopefully the local school district will eventually let them use more of the adjacent USD property to ...
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Centennial Park › August 8, 2022
Fun course to play. Terrible course to navigate... Tee signs are needed because there are some long distances from baskets to the next tee, a simple post for people to see from a distance would go a long way to help people find their way around the course.
Herington DGC › April 3, 2016
2016 temporary course set-up at the Herington Country Club specifically for this year's DU Open tournament. I was not particularly fond of playing around so many cedar trees... vial weeds... A lot of others shared that sentiment.
Plus many groups, including the Open & Pro Masters Division players, had to spend A LOT of time spotting for each other because of the tall grass & cedars on 1, 2, 4-6, 9-11, & 13... that's half the fairways! That's too much time spotting, thus slowing down play.
Dechairo Park › December 16, 2012
Nice to have yet another course in the Manhattan, KS area! Great use of the area they had to work with. Great for beginners & entertaining for experienced players.

Installation of PDGA approved baskets and concrete tee pads, plus tweaking a few fairways, would/will UP my rating of this course.
CSU Pueblo › August 1, 2012
Interesting course with a variety of terrain to deal with depending on what hole you're playing. This course starts with dark green sprinkler fed grass on wide open fairways, then transitions to mountain prairie / high desert vegetation & soil, then back to plush grass. All but one of the baskets are visible from the tee pads, thus they tempt you into "going for it" maybe even when you shouldn't. The view to the west of the Rocky Mountains, and the city below, adds to the atmosphere. It is ea ...
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Pueblo City Park › August 1, 2012
Really nice course complete with plush sprinkler system grass on 16 of 18 holes. Fun length fairways that require a stroke by stroke game plan because of the evergreen trees. Great use of the retaining walls on #13, #16 & #17. I really like holes #1, #11, #12, & #16. Plus, loved holes #5, #13, #17 & #18. What's up with all the graffiti on the tee signs? Don't let those non-players win! Stay on top of it and they will eventually get tired of the game... Side note: After playing it once, plu ...
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Crestview ParkWest › July 20, 2014
July 18 Update: Course now has a new Mach X installed at #15. A reliable source told me the entire park will soon have new Mach X baskets & new concrete pads. Then the existing baskets will be moved to improve the existing Lake Shawnee course.
Cico Park › August 22, 2011
The park name CiCo stands for "City County" as in City of Manhattan / Riley County. That being said, a large majority of CiCo Park is owned by Riley County, and maintained by them (fair grounds, much of the open space, etc.). Meanwhile, a much smaller portion of the park is maintained by the City (the swimming pool, baseball fields, etc.) This "course" is not maintained by either the City or the County, thus it is kind of a stretch to even call it a course. If you want to play the course ...
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Kansas State University › May 15, 2011
As I understand, this course was established when people pretty much used standard Frisbees and objects as targets to play "disc golf". Then as technology started to change the sport, with smaller & faster discs plus official targets, this campus course started to become less & less practical (& safe).

I suppose if I was to play this course with a super class disc golf disc, I would rate it much higher than my rating of D.
Tuttle Creek State Park - River Pond › September 24, 2021
Bring your long bomb discs.
Fun course with multiple risk to reward options.
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