Hudsonville League of Champions - 2020

January - March 2020 • Hudsonville, Michigan
Doubles league

This league has ended.

No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Doubles league - 47 all-time players - 29 active players
$30.00 one-time player fee for this league
$6.00 player fee each session
$1.00 ace pool entry
League of Champions 2020, Hughes Park, Hudsonville, MI 2:00pm start time Random Draw Doubles $6 dollars each Sunday to play (guests) $1 ace pool (optional) Thank you to our sponsors: IEM Artwork Disc Baron Roe Designs Omega Games and Apparel New or Important for 2020: HLoC Membership Fee - $30 and a donated new disc (it's ok, it can be one that you don't like). Membership donations will be used for CTPs and end of year prizes, TBD. HLoC members will receive a disc ...
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League News

Zachary Vaughn   March 25 at 1:33am

League is Canceled!

Hello everyone. Given the governmental stay at home policy, we are canceling the remaining day of league. We have split all remaining added cash among members. I will follow up with everyone about their winnings (to be paid out via paypal).

Congratulations to Lightning John on his HLoC win! He is the proud new owner of a sexy pink winter hat that not many have the privilege of owning. We also have the privilege of handing out 2 Am State Finals Berths which will be handed out once we under ... more


Zachary Vaughn   March 21 at 3:19pm

Remaining season news

HLoC will proceed tomorrow, and likely next Sunday to finish the season (pending any government restrictions...but I believe we can still play under shelter in place laws from what I read? Stay tuned as I will update if needed). Play will proceed under these guidelines:

No exchanges of money or contact associated to play.
No CTPs or scorecards.
Players may not touch other players discs.
Ensure we follow proper social distancing guidelines given by the CDC and local govern ... more


Zachary Vaughn   March 15 at 8:07pm

Week #11 Results

Scott and Zach took home the W today, but the real winner is Mike with the $32 ace on hole #17! Just 2 weeks remain, next week will be wacky and the 29th will be the members only finals.


Zachary Vaughn   March 2 at 2:28pm

Week #9 Results

Congratulations to Lightning on the ace yesterday! The $82 payday vaults him to 1st place among members and is now in the drivers seat for the pink hat! Meanwhile, Scott and Ian were doing there thing...again...winning on the Super Mando with a -12 for the day.


Zachary Vaughn   February 25 at 6:32pm

Thank you Sponsors!

Thanks again to our CTP sponsors this year, and to Ivan for getting the word out about our league!

IEM Artwork
Disc Baron
Roe Designs
Omega Games and Apparel


Zachary Vaughn   February 24 at 9:10pm

Week #8 Results

We're 60% of the way through the season and a pair of players now find themselves atop the leaderboard after a -17 win on Sunday. Guest Scott and member Jeff are leading the way with a slew of players nipping at their heals. A starting ace pool of $60 for week 9 means that all members are still in the race for the pink hat. Wacky week is next up...


Zachary Vaughn   February 17 at 2:25am

Week #7 Results

It was a lovely sunny day to play 24 holes in the snow. Today featured the counterclockwise 24 layout with Todd and Josh shooting a 1 off the record -21 to take 1st for the day. Ace pool will start at $35 next Sunday.


Zachary Vaughn   February 3 at 3:15pm

Week #5 Results

Week 5 featured 3 interesting feats - A rare 3 throw win on 18 holes, a black ace, and a 6-way tie for 2nd! Zach and Dave lapped the field with a -17 three throws clear of the 6-way tie at -14. Ace pool starts at $19 next Sunday.
Note: Payouts were not done properly and Steve/Scott didn't get their payout. Each will get $5 toward their next entry.


Zachary Vaughn   January 27 at 2:24pm

Week #4 Results

The counter-clockwise alternates were fun to play but it's clear that 4 fellas had the most fun. Ian and Scott teamed up again but this time, they meant business by ensuring they set a course record that will be tough to beat, -22 on 24 holes! Meanwhile, Brent aced hole #2 and Travis aced hole #8 to dash up the leaderboard. The ace gives Travis a 2 point lead over Ian while Brent moves up to #5.

Big thanks to Ivan and the sponsors he has obtained for the league - Omega games and Apparel, Disc Baron, Iem Artwork, & Home Team.


Zachary Vaughn   January 26 at 2:45pm

Week #4 announcement

We have some decent conditions today so let's play some extra holes! Today, we'll try out the counter-clockwise extra 6 format. Be sure to bring some 275'-380' discs.


Zachary Vaughn   January 20 at 2:03pm

Week #3 Results

After throwing a Star Manta for the first time, It's clear who will be putting the disc in their bags permanently...Jeff, Dominic, Trevor, and Steve found a way to make the disc work proving they only require 1 disc to conquer Hughes Park. Ace pool is growing and starts at $46 next week.


Zachary Vaughn   January 13 at 2:21pm

Week #2 Results

1st round of the year with some snow added enough challenge to keep scores from getting too hot. Lightning, Travis, Brad, and Todd came out on top winning week 2 with a pair of -16. Ace pool is up to $31. Next week is the first wacky week where we'll be playing with 1 disc. Guests in week 3 will either have to purchase a league disc or rent one for the day.


Zachary Vaughn   January 6 at 1:47am

Week #1 Results

Week #1 is in the books and the title of chapter 1 is Dennis Takes Charge! Dennis and Ian take 1st with a record setting -20 on the 24 hole layout. Adding to the money haul, Dennis parked hole B for an additional $5 and is leading after week 1. Ace pool starts at $15 next week for members and Todd needs to pick up his long putt disc.


Zachary Vaughn   January 5 at 1:48am

The 2020 season starts tomorrow...

We play tomorrow, kicking off with 24 holes! 2pm, hughes park - $6 guest fee ($1 ace) or $30 member + $5 daily fee
See you tomorrow!