2019 NorthRidge Sanctioned DGL (MA3-MA4)

April - July 2019 • Plymouth, Michigan
PDGA-sanctioned singles league

Ace pool

as of July 24
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.
PDGA results available at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/41645

About this League

Singles league - 21 all-time players - 0 active players
$10.00 one-time player fee for this league
$5.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
This is an 18 week sanctioned singles league (divided into 2 season sessions) for MA3-MA4 players (MA1-MA2 a separate league). This is NOT a cash payout League, and MPO players will be playing as AM at their PDGA rating level. There will be a 1 time $10 league entry fee, $10 each week to play, $2 of this going towards the Ace Pool ($5 to play if you choose to opt out of the Ace Pool) and $3 50/50, half of which will go towards upkeep/maintenance of the course and prizes throughout the season (te ...
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League News

Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   July 28 at 8:52pm

Berth Playoff/season changes (updated)

Hey guys! Final playoff for the berth this Tuesday between Adam M (MA1) and Darryl B (MA4)! After averaging out both of their total season scores (disregarding the 1st 2 rounds where Adam did not play) I came up with Adam at a 53.57 and Darryl at a 58.07. Rounding to the nearest integer gives a 4 stroke difference, which will be the handicap to level the field. If after 18 holes there is a tie then it will go into sudden death. The 2 players and myself will be starting on hole 3 to try to avoid ... more


Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   July 17 at 10:22pm

It’s playoff time!

Thanks to everyone who came out to BRATS last night and played in the slightly inclimate weather. Terry said we were hilarious LOL
After speaking with everyone about whether they can or cannot attend States if awarded the berth, this is how the playoff stand: Semi-finals this Tuesday will be Adam McPherson (MA1) vs. Jake Billings (MA2), and Adam Sullivan (MA3) vs. Darryl Bolsby (MA4). Winners will play the final round the following Tuesday in a handicap match. Point series will still continue u ... more


Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   July 15 at 10:58pm

Berth playoffs

Here is how the playoffs will work the last 2 weeks of summer leagues. The semifinals will be on 7/23 between the players with the most points in each division (MA1/MA2 and MA3/MA4) at the end of the round at BRATS. If that player already has a berth or cannot go, the playoff spot goes to the next player in that division (and so on). They will all play on the same card from their respective tees. If there happens to be no one in a single division the playoff spot will be automatically given to t ... more


Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   July 15 at 10:38pm

Info for BRATS tomorrow

Don’t forget we are playing BRATS, not NorthRidge, tomorrow. Tee of 6:00, but if you’re running less than 15 minutes late please let Mark or myself know and we’ll hold back a card for you. Layout will be Red 9/White 9 UNLESS Terry has mown Blue, then White/Blue. As there is no established SSA for this layout tomorrow will be an unsanctioned round. However, it is the last night of points for Berth playoffs (points will continue until the end of season to determine the official 1 ... more


Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   July 10 at 1:28pm

Next week at BRATS

Great throwing last night guys. Welcome to our 2 new members David and Elijah! Hot rounds went to Elijah with 50 (-7) and Mark N with 46 (-10, which either sets or ties a League record) Also, Doug W hit an Ace on 17.
Next week at BRATS. This will be the last week for points for the berth playoffs. Currently the semifinal rounds will be between Adam M and Ben S in the MA1-2 League, and between either Adam S or Kyle R (who are tied in MA3) and Darryl B for the MA3-4 League. If any of these player ... more


Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   July 9 at 11:23am

Next 2 weeks...

Morning gentlemen. Just a friendly reminder that we will be playing NorthRidge tonight at 6pm, next week at BRATS planning on 6pm tee off, but if you are running a LITTLE behind please let either Mark or I know and we can hold off until 6:15 at the latest.
These next 2 weeks will be the last for the points before we go into 2 weeks of playoffs for the berth (MA1 vs MA2, and MA3 vs MA4 first week, then finals the last week). If you already have a berth, or are sure you will NOT be able to attend ... more


Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   July 1 at 1:01pm

DGLO Volunteers

Hey gang, just spoke with John Minicuci about volunteering for the DGLO this weekend. They are something different for volunteers this year (last year it was free discs), I’ll let you know what it is when I find out. If any of you are interested (any one or all days) please let me know by replying to this so I can get your names to John to put on the list. I’ll also check with everyone tomorrow. See you guys at 6:00 tomorrow!


Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   June 24 at 11:58pm

Teeoff Time bump to 6:00

Hey gang, sorry I forgot to post this last week! As we now have plenty of late light, we will start teeing off at 6 instead of 5:30 to give more people a chance to make it to leagues. Also, July 16th we have been invited back to BRATS! See everyone tomorrow.


Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   May 21 at 1:50pm

Week 8

Back to NorthRidge tonight! 5:30 tee off. Course is still a little soggy in places, but overall not bad.(14’s long tee/fairway most likely the worst of it so may be teeing if forward right/left of box TBD). On a brighter note, back 9 has finally been mowed (with a couple improvements). See everyone tonight!


Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   May 14 at 12:53pm


Hey everyone, just a quick reminder that we will NOT be playing Northridge tonight. Instead, tee off will be 5:30 at Lakeshore/The Ponds in Ypsilanti. MA1-2 playing 1-18 longs, MA3-4 shorts. We will not be playing the lettered holes. See you tonight!


Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   May 10 at 12:00pm

Lakeshore this Tuesday

Hey everyone, I’ve been receiving concerns from a number of people about play on the NorthRidge course conditions due to so much rain recently. This Tuesday 5/14 we will be playing at Lakeshore/The Ponds, A: because the conditions here are probably better here than other courses in the area, and B: it’s a no cost for entry course. Tee off is still 5:30, meeting at the practice basket. Hope to see you all there!

Adam Sullivan   May 10 at 2:13pm

Yes!!! Love playing at Lake Shore!!

Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   April 22 at 1:48pm

Week 4

Howdy everyone! Once again, looking like another possible windy round tomorrow night. Rain most likely during the day as well so probably a bit muddy, so come prepared to get your feet wet. 5:30 tee off time, try and get here a little early, we'll be calling everyone in around 5:20 to tee of on time. See you then!


Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   April 16 at 10:22am

Week 3

Good morning gentlemen! Looks like we’re finally in for some decent weather tonight!! Low winds and a little rain only around noon. Don’t forget we’re teeing off at 5:30 starting tonight. See you there!


Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   April 10 at 1:38pm

Week 2 results

Hey gang, another blustery round under our belts! Who knows, maybe one of these Tuesdays we may only have 10+ mph winds LOL
20 people this week (19 put in for Ace Pool) which bumps the Ace Pool up to $206 next week! Hot rounds were Ben S and Brian N (MA1-2) with 60 (+3) and Mark N and Nick C (MA3-4) with 58 (+2). Great throwing in that wind guys! CTPs went to Ben S (MA1-2) and Kevin V (MA3-4). Starting next week we will be bumping our tee times to 5:30 pm to give more people a chance to show. I ... more


Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   April 5 at 1:42pm

Week 1 results

We’re baaaaaaaack! Hope everyhad a great off-season. NRC Course welcomes us back with its customary gusto (get it? windy.. GUSTo... never mind LOL) Lots of improvements to the course, it’s definitely a bit more challenging. Welcome to our 2 newest members Chris and Josh! Ok, on to the news. 16 players showed to start off the season, so with the rollover from last season + the increase this year the Ace Pool is at $130 already. I’m looking forward to that first payout this year! ... more