2018 Hollows Tag League

May - September 2018 • Manchester, New Hampshire
Singles league

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Wednesday, July 25 @ 5:30pm
The Hollows
Manchester, NH


Jul 18, 2018 · Top scores
The Hollows
Short tees to Long pins, 18 holes
-4 52
Noah Procter
-2 54
Brandon Daugherty
-2 54
Billy Crane
-2 54
Jared Beaugeard
+7 63
Tammy Coburn
+11 67
Mesean Anderson
+15 71
Julia Roux
Overall standings
1Blaine Faulkner743
2Billy Crane742
3Evan Cote685
1Tammy Coburn327
2Julia Roux195
3Dominique Ross185
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Leaderboard updated 7/19/18

About this League

Singles league - 119 all-time players - 96 active players
$30.00 one-time player fee for this league
$2.00 ace pool entry
The Queen City Disc Golf Club is proud to present the 2018 Hollows Tag League. The cost to join the Queen City Disc Golf Club for 2018 is $30.00. This includes your tags for League and another item to still be determined. This is a points series league and you will receive a point for each player that you beat in each round. The points are automatically added up on the disc golf scene page. We have 2 divisions at this time . Men and women division points are offered. If you have a perfect ...
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League News

BILL BRUCE   July 12 at 1:28am

2018 Hollows Tag League

We had a good night on the North Course tonight. There were 3 Aces tonight. Crazy! Chad Myers got his on hole #3, Ben Stephen got his on #2, and Adam Baney got his on #1. Trevor Howe won the cash CTP on hole #10. It was a very exciting night sure. So far we have more aces than weeks played. The Hollows players are a force to be reckoned with. Congrats everyone.

We will be playing on the South Course next week for league. The layout is short to long .There will be no Random dubs this Sat ... more


BILL BRUCE   June 29 at 1:39am

2018 Hollows Tag League Week 9

We had a good night at league tonight. The weather held and we made it through without rain. Not Bad. Tim Dolan won the CTP on hole 9 for a win of $59.00. Kris Wiley really hit it good getting an Ace on hole 10. Nice job Kris. Super shooting on a blind shot.
League is cancelled next week. The 4th of July.
There will be a mini starting at 3pm. Show up about 2pm to register for this. It should be a lot of fun. Bryant Chamberlin will be the TD in our absence.


BILL BRUCE   June 29 at 1:31am

4th of July Mini at the Hollows

Breakin Chains is holding a Pro/Am Mini on the 4th of July at the Hollows .Show up time is at 2pm and play will start at 3pm. Bryant Chamberlin will be the TD for the event in our absence. Cost will be $15.00 for Pros and $10 for Amateurs. The entry fees will be paid back to players at 100%. This is being done in leiu of the Hollows Tag League being cancelled for the 4th. Pay day of.

We moved the start time up a little so go by this post!


BILL BRUCE   June 21 at 11:22am

2018 Hollows Tag League Week 8

We had another great turn out tonight with 69 players attending. 3 new players joined league last night also. This brings us to 112 registered players so far this season.
There was some heavy competition for 1st as you can see on the leader board. Maybe it was getting back on the North course that made them play so well. The cash CTP went to Adam Hall for $56.00 and Jake Kritzon won the CTP donated by Breakin Chains Disc Golf . Breakin Chains gave a very nice Judge autographed by Eric McCab ... more


BILL BRUCE   June 14 at 12:26pm

2018 Hollows Tag League Week 7

This was our last night on the Hollows South for a few weeks. We are moving to the Hollows North next week for league. The baskets will be in the long position and we will play from the short pads.
Tonight we had another great turnout for league. There were 66 in attendance. Blaine Faulkner set the course record shooting a 44, with Billy Crane right behind him with a 45. Evan Cote was right there also. , shooting a 48. Blaine also had an Ace on hole 15. Unfortunately he had to split it with Ev ... more


BILL BRUCE   June 14 at 12:06pm

2018 Hollows Tag League Week 6

Week 6 at the Hollows. We had another great week at league with Billy Crane and Ben Winchell tied for 1st place shooting 47s. Isaacson Kipp was in third with a 49.
Jason Barry took down an Ace winning $126.00. Isaac Kipp took the cash CTP also for $63.00. Don't for get Trev.or Howe took the special CTP provided by Breakin Chains Disc Golf Supplies the league sponsor. A special release disc autographed by "Ricky".
New members keep signing up every week and we encourage y ... more


BILL BRUCE   May 31 at 1:28pm

2018 Hollows Tag League Week 5

Great Wednesday night on the course. We played the South course and it was great. There were 2 Aces . Bryant Chamberlin and Waldo Quinney both got them .Bryant got his on hole 16 and Waldo on hole 15. Ryan Wittenberg got the cash CTP on hole 5 for $58.00 while Bryant and Waldo split the $114.00 Ace pot for the night. Josh Caswell won the other CTP on hole 6 . He won a nice pink Felon Autographed by Eric McCabe. This was a donation from the league sponsor (Breakin Chains Disc Golf Supplies of Ma ... more


BILL BRUCE   May 24 at 7:01pm

2018 Hollows Tag League Week 4

The weather is great and the turnout was great too! 71 players on the course tonight. There was another Ace this week on hole #7 by Jared Beaugeard, winning $114.00. Dan Coburn also won the CTP on hole #4 for $58.00.
We had 3 new members sign up also bringing the total members so far to 103 and growing. The bag tags are ready and I should have them at the store by Saturday if anyone wants to drop by and pick theirs up. I will bring them to league Wednesday also.

Don't forget RANDOM DUBS this Saturday at the Hollows.


Bryant Chamberlin   May 17 at 5:23am

2018 Hollows Tag League - Week 3

With 79 players on the course tonight, Evan Cote shot the hot round with a 49. A tie in 2nd place goes to Wade Pepin and Blaine Faulkner both shooting 50's.

Nick Horne raked in the $72 CTP by parking hole 3 and Fred Lusky Aced hole 14 to take home the Ace Pot.

Good luck to everyone playing in the Flex starts on Thursday and the New England Amateur Disc Golf Championship this weekend.

Just as a friendly reminder - triple check your scorecards!!! I (Bryant) added up all the scorecar ... more


BILL BRUCE   May 3 at 10:59am

2018 Hollows Tag League - Week 1

We had a great turn out for the first week of league. Another record setter. There were 71 players on hand with a total of 78 registered players for the 1st day of league. Great Turnout everyone!

Matt Stolarz had the hot round shooting a 53 . Adam Hall got himself an Ace on hole #2 I believe, winning $122.00 and Ken Marshal won the CTP on hole #14, donated by Breakin Chains Disc Golf, the league sponsor.
It was a very nice Truth signed by Eric McCabe.Congrats everyone and we look forward ... more