Seymour Lake Park

Oxford, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Curtis Stimac    2 days ago

lost blue wave in rough between 6-7 says rum_runnr inside the ring. would like it back.


Ben Jackson    4 days ago

Discovered my buzzz missing today. Green, z, Sunnybrook stamp. REWARd$$ for return

Ben Jackson   4 days ago


Tyler Dukart    4 days ago

Does anyone know the guy who goes swimming in the pond on hole 2? I wipped my light blue turn with no ink from 18 into the side of the pond 40-60 left of the shack on the side that is hole 2. I actually really like that disc and would appreciate it if it was returned.

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Mike Daly   4 days ago

I'm the guy who goes in the water ,will be going in this evening call me 248-891-4225 that way you can possibly meet to show me where to look.

Mike Daly   4 days ago

Anyone new to disc golf needs starter set of disc I have some I can hook you up for free . 248-891-4225

Mike Daly   4 days ago

Pretty sure I found your disc,seems more of a teal or greenish color ,message me so I can get it back to you.

Ben Jackson    June 10 at 9:49pm

Found 2 blue discs on 14. One driver and one putter both unmarked.


Kyle Young    June 6 at 10:20pm

Just lost a purple and pink vanish on 18 in that tall grass next to the tree on the right have no idea where it went name and pdga number are on the back

Tom Wagner   June 6 at 10:57pm

Well at least the disc performed as advertised

Kyle Young   June 7 at 12:13am

Exactly lol

Matt London    May 22 at 11:03pm

Worm burned my drive on 3 this morning trying to get a quick round in. Threw my favorite Trespass into the tall grass marsh. I really really want it back. Two new trilogy disc for its return. Name number and PDGA number on disc. Blue lucid TT Trespass.


Matt London    April 24 at 7:35pm

The wind threw my lucid Convict right in the middle of the pond on 2. Approach shot to 18. Bad throw on my part and then the wind turned it over. Name number and PDGA number on disc. I really want it back. Ill give two new disc for its safe return! Thanks

Ron Jacobs Team Upshot   April 24 at 8:11pm

I have quite a few convicts just sitting around if you need a replacement. Lemme know

Daymon Pugh   April 24 at 10:19pm

Your not a convict just sitting around

Matt London   April 30 at 4:08pm

Thanks Ron. I have a few backups I just really like the ghost burst on the white disc that one has.

Andy Hosler    April 23 at 6:19pm

Put my green ESP FLX Buzzz about dead center in the right pond on hole 2. Will be going diving for it when I have some time but if somebody gets their hands on it first it would mean the world to me to get it back.


Matt London    April 10 at 9:48pm

Found one in the rough left of 6. Possibly accidentally walked off without it. It was kinda in the open. No info on it. Name it and I’ll get it back to you.

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Matt London   April 24 at 7:33pm

No sorry.

Tyler Dukart   4 days ago

Purple yahoo?

Tyler Dukart   4 days ago

Kahoo *

Mychal Urssing    March 25 at 1:11pm

Left my green Buzzz SS, possibly on 16. I’d really appreciate getting it back.


Andrew Wilson    March 23 at 10:37pm

Lost a red PD2 deep on hole 12. Pdga 99347 in bright red on inside of disc. If found let me know please. 810-614-2131


Eric Groat    February 27 at 6:28pm

I just lost a red limited edition MVP teleport on Hole 2 in the pond about 20 feet from the left side of it while facing the basket if anyone finds it please get ahold of me my phone number is 810-834-5621 thank you

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Miles McLaughlin   February 28 at 2:41am

Yes that is what im asking. I lost mine at bends right before we got all the snow. Sorry if i rubbed off a little harsh. Just feel a little sour about it is all. Great disc that unlocked an additional 40-50 feet for me.

Miles McLaughlin   February 28 at 2:42am

I got mine at the same place actually lol

Eric Groat   February 28 at 4:05pm

I understand I had to order a regular one to replace it. going to miss that stamp. now time to start switching out all my special stamped discs for regular ones

Ron Jacobs Team Upshot    February 19 at 2:07pm

Left behind a blurple plasma wave yesterday on 7. Checked on the way out and someone behind us picked it up, would like to have it back. Should have my ink on it.


Bobby Oakes    October 26 at 11:43pm

Planning to make my first trip here Saturday, is there a fee for this course?

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Mike Daly   October 28 at 9:41pm

No promblem

Bobby Oakes   October 29 at 12:42am

Sorry Mike, didnt know your full name! once again thanks for the retireval and return of my disc!

Miles Lawrence   October 29 at 1:29am

Hope you enjoyed the course.

Mike Thompson    October 26 at 4:13pm

Lost greenish yellow Champion Turn on hole 7 on Oct 20th. Stamped " The Head Shed"


Miles Lawrence    October 24 at 11:51pm

The last week of Seymour Sunday Doubles is coming up on 10/29. Come on out for a great time with lots of extra CTP prizes. CTP buy in for the final week will be $5 for 9 CTP holes, 7 of which will be different beer prizes. Come dressed up in a Halloween costume and get $1 off your entry.


Russell Wixom    October 22 at 5:59pm

mike aka swamp man is returning discs he pulls out with numbers on em for all who might have lost any on 2. also found a disc on hole 6,,, hmu with what it is and ill return.

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Jeff Hulet   October 28 at 3:54am

Why doesn't he do the RIGHT thing and just call People??

Russell Wixom   October 30 at 2:15am

... he is

Tony Maccarino   October 30 at 5:05pm

Maybe they don't have a phone number jeff. Pdga numbers are the standard not phone.......

Ryan Paduch    October 19 at 3:20pm

Lost a pink champ firebird somewhere this past Sunday. Stamp says south side disc golf club. No ink on it reward for return


Ryan Paduch    October 16 at 5:35pm

Lost orange seat destroyer on hole 17 In the dark. Reward for return I think it got stuck up high. Also lost a red g star destroyer on hole 2

Ryan Paduch   October 17 at 7:52pm


Ryan Paduch    October 10 at 4:48pm

Lost a green riot deep in hole 10 Sunday. Reward for return