Seymour Lake Park

Oxford, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Jake Steinbrecher    1 day ago

While back lost a star destroyer on 13, hole was on the right side, forehand destroyer went straight with no fade


Rob Hoisington    5 days ago

Lost a red Prodigy mid range on Sunday, name and number on back, couldn't even tell you what hole.


Grant K    August 11 at 10:19pm

Found a disc on hole six today. No name and number. If you know what it is I'll get it back to you.

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Grant K   August 12 at 12:24am

Sorry guys, neither of those are it. Hope you find your discs.

Mo "The Whippersnapper" Brassert   7 days ago

yellow big z thrasher?

Grant K   7 days ago

Sorry Mo. That isn't what I found. I hope you can track down your disc.

Grant K    August 11 at 10:17pm

Threw my yellow Champion Boss in the middle of the pond today. Name and number on the back.


Ryan Paduch    August 8 at 11:51pm

Threw a green ten year buzz in the pond on my second shot from 18. reward for return!


Brian 'The Brain' Evans    August 6 at 2:40pm

Yellow blizzard boss in the pond, reward if found. (big reward)


Brown dog    August 1 at 11:38pm

Found another one on hole 18 today. No name no number. Up by the baseball fence.

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Brown dog   August 2 at 3:38am


Jake Ernst   August 4 at 1:57am

Was it a philo destroyer? Pretty sure I left mine there on wednesday

Brown dog   August 5 at 6:02pm

It was. Hopefully we will meet up soon.

Miles Lawrence    July 31 at 1:55pm

Which one of you left a back up battery bank in one of the pavilions?


Brown dog    July 22 at 10:51pm

Found one on hole 6 today. Had a name and number on it. Hard to read the number. Tried texting them.

Gary Belcher   July 22 at 11:04pm

My wife lost a blue beast on 6. It was labeled and about a month ago but worth a shot. If that's it.

Brandon Ray   July 22 at 11:26pm

Green esp nuke?G

Brown dog   July 23 at 12:28am

Nope not it. Sorry. Name on the disc was Cam anyone knows a cam that plays at semore ask them about it.

- Buckwheat    July 17 at 2:53am

Are there any Leagues here? If so, when do they play?

Miles Lawrence   July 17 at 2:59am

Yes, Sunday’s at 3pm. Look at the upcoming events on the left side of the screen.

- Buckwheat   July 17 at 3:00am

Awesome. Thank you!

Kodey B    July 9 at 2:28am

Lost a Vanish that was greenish yellow with a white rim and a red Vanish with a blue rim.

Daymon Pugh   July 9 at 10:44am

What hole

Kodey B   July 10 at 12:22am

Hole 11, on the left in those bushes.

Gary Belcher    July 6 at 2:51am

Lost a Neon yellow discmania sddx disc in the pond on hole 2 and a Neon yellow with purple tie dye X champion beast on hole 17 near basket. Both are labeled and would like them back. I look forward to your call or text. Thank you.


Jeff Hulet    June 28 at 9:46pm

Found 2 in the Pond of #2 on Tuesday. Tell me what and I will meet.

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Darian Ott   July 7 at 3:21am

Is one a firebird? I wanna say it was yellow, but it's been awhile so can't remember.

Tyler Dukart   July 31 at 6:54am

yellow blizzard disc mania? my fiends not mine

Jeff Hulet   August 5 at 8:05pm

What model of Disc Mania?

Brandon Ray    June 28 at 12:38am

Found a discraft driver on 17


Mysti Belcher    June 27 at 1:41am

Lost blue beast on hole 6 on right side in trees. Weight is 152g. My name and info are on the back. Reward if returned.

Tom Wagner   June 27 at 11:55pm

I looked but didn't find it.

Mysti Belcher   June 28 at 12:27am

Thank you. I'm pretty sure a group that was playing on hole 7 grabbed it. They were looking for a white one at the same time and claimed they didnt find "that disc"

Brian 'The Brain' Evans    June 24 at 7:51pm

Lost blue blizzard destroyer at Seymour. Hole 7 right side about 300 ish from the pad. Big reward for return.


Mysti Belcher    June 24 at 4:09am

My husband lost a ty-dye freedom in the middle of the pond on hole 2. His info is on the back if someone gets it please contact us. Will be greatly appreciated!


Mo "The Whippersnapper" Brassert    June 22 at 10:32pm

If anyone is fishing discs out of the drink on hole 2 I lost an orange g star wraith there yesyerday. Hit me up if it is recovered. Thanks on advance.

Miles Lawrence   June 22 at 10:42pm

I pull some out but swamp man dives for them. I’ll keep an eye out.

Mike Daly   June 23 at 1:15am

Call me 248-891-4225 give me an idea where it's at I'll do my best to get it back.

Mo "The Whippersnapper" Brassert   June 25 at 2:49pm

hit the tree in front, got through and pretty much landed in the middle of the pond. maybe a bit closer to hole 2's tee side of the pond.

Curtis Stimac    June 18 at 2:53am

lost blue wave in rough between 6-7 says rum_runnr inside the ring. would like it back.

Mike Daly   June 20 at 10:05pm

Found first run orange disc at Seymour in the water has run runner inside rim,call me 248-891-4225

Curtis Stimac   June 21 at 2:30am

yes thats mine first run mystere call you tomorrow thanks

Ben Jackson    June 16 at 12:00am

Discovered my buzzz missing today. Green, z, Sunnybrook stamp. REWARd$$ for return

Ben Jackson   June 16 at 12:05am