Seymour Lake Park

Oxford, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Mark Kish    November 23 at 5:34pm

Found 2 different camo gloves one on hole6 and one on hole14. I left them in the score card box with the red top on the map sign next to hole 1


Chris Fabian    November 2 at 5:29pm

If anyone knows Cale Serecky, please let him know I found his purple Lat 64 Gold Line Havoc at Seymour. I sent a message via discgolfscene, but haven’t had any response.


Jeff Doran    September 25 at 9:05pm

Attention disc golfers living in the White Lake, Commerce Twp, and Walled Lake areas...disc golf is coming to the Union Lake Golf Course!!! My friend and I have been talking with ownership and they have agreed to let us start a league on their grounds. However, there are limitations and specifics to be communicated.

If this is something you’d be interested in, please contact me at [email redacted] or hit me up on Disc Golf Scene and I can provide further information.

Jeff Doran


Brian Lafata    August 13 at 11:05pm

Found two discs in the pond on hole two. If you can describe them, I’ll try to get them back to ya.


Jake Hurd    August 13 at 6:28am

Left champ firebird with jomez stamp on hole 17 in rough by baseball diamonds. Name and number are on disc.


Vincent Innaimo    August 12 at 12:07am

I Lost a green Ziggy stamp Heat on Hole 2 pond $ reward if found.


Jeff Doran    August 11 at 5:34pm

Lost White DX Destroyer. Name and number on disc. Bad course to practice sidearm, apparently. Oh, and I suck.

Jeff Doran   August 11 at 5:34pm

Disc went into woods to left of Hole 12’s fairway

Jeff Doran    August 11 at 5:04pm

Lost Innova Star Corvette in the woods right of the fairway on Hole 10. Name and number are on disc


Mark Kish    July 28 at 5:08pm

Left an understand Paul ulibarri raptor on hole ten. On the right edge 35 feet from basket short no name no number since I got it yesterday


Brian Schoening    July 27 at 10:42pm

Lost an orange Wysocki destroyer on hole 2 in the drink. About 30 feet out from the rock wall on the left side. Cash or disc for it’s safe return.


Michael McElhoes    July 11 at 12:58pm

Lost a strawberry rask on hole 9, reward if returned


Grant K    June 30 at 6:43pm

Hey everyone. My son grabbed two more out of the marsh on hole 2/3. Neither were inked, so name the disc and we can get it back into your bag.

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Grant K   July 1 at 8:18pm

Sorry Steve. No Leopard 3s.

Matthew Kinsman   July 21 at 9:28pm

Orange shark??

Grant K   July 22 at 3:02pm

I'll have to look and see when I get home Matthew. I do remember a couple of orange discs in the mix. Hopefully one will be yours.

Steve B    June 29 at 9:20pm

Lost a pink do leopard3 in the pond on hole 2 no name or number on it cause I literally just bought it before the round.


Ed McBride    June 27 at 2:35pm

Bear in mind that the Seymour Celebration runs today through Saturday. A good time, but might interfere with disc golf.


Matt S    June 25 at 1:06am

Threw my red tie dye pro valkyrie into the pond, long on 18.


Curtis Stimac    June 23 at 10:55pm

Found a disc on 16 today. No name or number. Name it and the color i will get it back to you.


Matt S    June 23 at 8:08am

Friend threw a yellow champion wraith in the pond, left side. From 2's tee.

Curtis Stimac   June 23 at 10:57pm

There were a couple kids and some guy out there today looking for discs in both ponds. Probably gone now unless they contact you.

Matt S   June 24 at 5:57am

Bummer, it's got his name and an old number on it.

Grant K    June 22 at 9:01pm

My son went wading through the marsh on hole three and pulled out seven discs. The ones with numbers on them we contacted, but if you think we may have grabbed yours, describe it and we'll get it back to you ASAP.

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Matt S   June 24 at 5:59am

Did you happen to find a yellow champion wraith, has my friends name and number on it.

Grant K   June 24 at 10:29am

I can check when I get home today, but all of the ones that had numbers on them were contacted.

Matt S   June 24 at 4:38pm

The wraith has his number on it, but his phone has been out of commission for a few weeks. If you do have a yellow champ wraith I can tell you the name and number on it.

Luke Fouracre    June 19 at 1:06pm

I lost a pair of "make america great again speedos" on hole 5

John Hagen   June 20 at 1:51pm


Corey Majkowski    June 18 at 8:33pm

Found a pink and pink and yellow disc right side hole 7 earlier today.

Brandon welch   September 19 at 5:13am

Was it my pink and yellow mayhem?