Seymour Lake Park

Oxford, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Mark Kish    January 2 at 12:27pm

Yellow claymore out on the iced over pond. Couldn't get it the other day because it was too thin of ice still

Miles Lawrence   January 2 at 6:45pm

I didn’t see anything out there today

Scott Spencer    December 18 at 8:46pm

Lost a White Circle Stamp Rhyno with Black stamp out there last year lol. Forgot about posting on the Scene but if anyone knows it’s whereabouts I have cash or plastic for the return.


Will Goeringer    September 26 at 6:39pm

Grip locked a pink Challenger on 16 last night, somewhere on the right side. Reward if returned


Jeff Bauman    September 21 at 2:17am

October 7
Camp Agawam DGC Work Day

Bring your gloves and non powers tools too if you want. Come on out for a chance to give back to the community and help us add another great course to our area.

Camp Agawam
1301 W Clarkston Rd
Lake Orion, Mi 48362


Ben Jackson    September 8 at 4:40pm

Found blue MVP on 9 right side. No ink, name it to claim it and I'll get it back to you


Ed McBride    September 5 at 12:43pm

Found an Innova TeeBird on six in that mess on the right. Tell me more about it and I'll get it back to you.

Tyler Bloodworth   November 5 at 11:30pm

Orange DX??

Jake "Kuba" Steinbrecher    August 20 at 2:12pm

While back lost a star destroyer on 13, hole was on the right side, forehand destroyer went straight with no fade


Rob Hoisington    August 16 at 5:10pm

Lost a red Prodigy mid range on Sunday, name and number on back, couldn't even tell you what hole.


Grant K    August 11 at 10:19pm

Found a disc on hole six today. No name and number. If you know what it is I'll get it back to you.

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Grant K   August 12 at 12:24am

Sorry guys, neither of those are it. Hope you find your discs.

Mo "The Whippersnapper" Brassert   August 14 at 3:19pm

yellow big z thrasher?

Grant K   August 14 at 9:15pm

Sorry Mo. That isn't what I found. I hope you can track down your disc.

Grant K    August 11 at 10:17pm

Threw my yellow Champion Boss in the middle of the pond today. Name and number on the back.


Ryan Paduch    August 8 at 11:51pm

Threw a green ten year buzz in the pond on my second shot from 18. reward for return!


Brian 'The Brain' Evans    August 6 at 2:40pm

Yellow blizzard boss in the pond, reward if found. (big reward)


Brown dog    August 1 at 11:38pm

Found another one on hole 18 today. No name no number. Up by the baseball fence.

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Brown dog   August 2 at 3:38am


Jake Ernst   August 4 at 1:57am

Was it a philo destroyer? Pretty sure I left mine there on wednesday

Brown dog   August 5 at 6:02pm

It was. Hopefully we will meet up soon.

Miles Lawrence    July 31 at 1:55pm

Which one of you left a back up battery bank in one of the pavilions?


Brown dog    July 22 at 10:51pm

Found one on hole 6 today. Had a name and number on it. Hard to read the number. Tried texting them.

Gary Belcher Jr   July 22 at 11:04pm

My wife lost a blue beast on 6. It was labeled and about a month ago but worth a shot. If that's it.

Brandon Ray   July 22 at 11:26pm

Green esp nuke?G

Brown dog   July 23 at 12:28am

Nope not it. Sorry. Name on the disc was Cam anyone knows a cam that plays at semore ask them about it.

- Buckwheat    July 17 at 2:53am

Are there any Leagues here? If so, when do they play?

Miles Lawrence   July 17 at 2:59am

Yes, Sunday’s at 3pm. Look at the upcoming events on the left side of the screen.

- Buckwheat   July 17 at 3:00am

Awesome. Thank you!

Kodey B    July 9 at 2:28am

Lost a Vanish that was greenish yellow with a white rim and a red Vanish with a blue rim.

Daymon Pugh   July 9 at 10:44am

What hole

Kodey B   July 10 at 12:22am

Hole 11, on the left in those bushes.

Gary Belcher Jr    July 6 at 2:51am

Lost a Neon yellow discmania sddx disc in the pond on hole 2 and a Neon yellow with purple tie dye X champion beast on hole 17 near basket. Both are labeled and would like them back. I look forward to your call or text. Thank you.


Jeff Hulet    June 28 at 9:46pm

Found 2 in the Pond of #2 on Tuesday. Tell me what and I will meet.

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Darian Ott   July 7 at 3:21am

Is one a firebird? I wanna say it was yellow, but it's been awhile so can't remember.

Tyler Dukart   July 31 at 6:54am

yellow blizzard disc mania? my fiends not mine

Jeff Hulet   August 5 at 8:05pm

What model of Disc Mania?

Brandon Ray    June 28 at 12:38am

Found a discraft driver on 17