Tri-City Slingers 2024 Summer Singles

April - October 2024 • Milford, Michigan
Singles league

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Monday, May 27 @ 7:00am


May 8, 2024 · Top scores
Wagner Park
Gold course, 18 holes
League One
-3 51
Joshua Hobbs
-2 52
Matt Thomas
+2 56
Jeff Doran
League Two
+2 56
Erik Mulheisen
+3 57
Mark Lister
+4 58
Kyle Gordon
+2 56
Aaron McCulloch
+5 59
Aeneas Koosis
+3 57
Denny Thrasher
+5 59
Brodrick Brozowski
+6 60
Brock Bendes
Overall standings
1Christiaan Deasy3
2Jeffrey Danes1
League One
1Joshua Hobbs9
2Jeff Doran8
3Matt Thomas7
League Two
1Erik Mulheisen8.5
2Kyle Gordon7.5
3Mark Lister2
3Dave Cosman2
3Randy Gerken2
1Aaron McCulloch5
2TJ Rennie1
2Aeneas Koosis1
1Denny Thrasher21
2Ray Phillips18
3Brodrick Brozowski16
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Leaderboard updated 5/20/24

About this League

Singles league - 26 all-time players - 26 active players
No fee to play in this league
In association with Discineer LLC. [email protected] This is an extremely chill, non-threatening venue for players to compete in and improve. Anyone who jeopardizes this will be dropped from the league. Each Monday a new course and layout will be posted and you have until 9 pm on the following Sunday to play the course. If you are ever unable to play a round due to vacations, family obligations, etc., let the league coordinator know and he will work something out with you. There is n ...
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League News

Jeff Doran   May 20 at 11:52am

Player Divisions for Round Four

NOTE: You can always play above your division but not beneath it.

Championship: Handicap of -4 through -6
Christian Deasy (-5)

League One: Handicap of -7 through -9
Jeff Doran (-8)
Matt Thomas (-7)
Joshua Hobbs (-7)
Chris Trumbull (-9)

League Two: Handicap of -10 through -12
Dave Cosman (-12)
Erik Mulheisen (-12)
Kyle Gordon (-11)
Mark Lister (-11)
Bill "Taz" Allen (-10)
Jim Baska (-10)

National League: Handicap of -13 through -15
Aaron McCulloch (-13)
Denny T ... more

Jeff Doran   7 days ago

These handicaps will be in play for both round four and round five.

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