USDGC Monday Qualifying

Monday, October 3, 2022 at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina
Disc golf singles tournament

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All current, dues-paid members in good standing of the Professional Disc Golf Association are eligible to qual ... more
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Fleming Hyde    October 3 at 12:37pm

Is there a living scoring page or link?

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Josh Callaway   October 3 at 4:42pm

Anyone know how many will qualify to play from this qualifier?

Michael Krueger   October 3 at 5:53pm

5 qualify

Tony B    October 1 at 5:14pm

When can we practice Sunday with the doubles tournament being pushed back a day?

Henry Childres   October 1 at 6:13pm

Today - 4pm
Tomorrow - 3pm

Shay Montes    September 29 at 3:48pm

With the storm coming there this qualifying pretty much good to go through all the rain and wind? Just don't wanna drive up to have it canceled?

Ben Jeffreys   September 30 at 12:23am

With the updated forecast looks like the rain will stop by Saturday evening/night.

Henry Childres   September 30 at 8:42pm

We're good to go for Monday. Should hopefully be beautiful, if a little soggy.

Daniel Stinehelfer    September 29 at 1:14pm

Are we able to practice the course today (Thursday)? Or is it reserved for doubles practice?

Henry Childres   September 29 at 1:37pm

You are able to practice today.

Daniel Stinehelfer   September 29 at 2:15pm

Ok great!

Ben Jeffreys    September 27 at 9:33pm

What’s everybody’s thoughts on the tropical system coming up? I sure hope I can squeeze in a practice round on Sunday.

Dillon Blunier   September 28 at 3:06pm

Think practice and Monday is gonna be a windy rainy mess. Should make the scores nice and high seesh!

Dillon Blunier    September 27 at 4:00pm

Going from waitlist to registered how do I confirm signing up? Tee time ect…

Henry Childres   September 27 at 4:11pm

You're in! Check the tee times below the player list on the registered players tab.

Dillon Blunier   September 27 at 4:15pm


Jacob Chesser    September 26 at 10:42pm

When is the course officially set up?

Henry Childres   September 27 at 4:14pm

Difficult to answer definitively. It's in the works and will continue to be tweaked with finishing touches right up until USDGC Doubles begins this Friday.

Evan Bamford    September 26 at 5:25pm

Hello! Looking to switch my tee time from 10:12 to 11:12, going to switch with Ben Jeffreys, he said it was good with him!

Ben Jeffreys   September 26 at 6:03pm

I can confirm. Going to 10:12 from 11:12

Henry Childres   September 27 at 4:12pm

I'm just seeing this. I'll make this change, but anyone else please email me! Thanks.

Orlando Rios    September 23 at 2:14am

Just curious is this going to be a rated round?

Steven Jacobs   September 23 at 2:25am


Stephen Scoggins    September 22 at 6:15pm

When can we expect the Caddie Book to be available?

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JoJo Bonet   September 26 at 12:38pm

Where did you find that info, Ben?

Henry Childres   September 26 at 3:23pm

It'll be posted within the next 24 hours.

Henry Childres    September 13 at 1:04pm

Tee times are now visible on the "Registered players" tab! Check out your card mates!

Henry Childres   September 13 at 1:05pm

...scroll down past the initial list to see groups below

Ian Yelton    September 9 at 2:28pm

When and where will tee times be posted?

Brian Schweberger   September 10 at 3:14am

When Henry gets back from New Zealand.

Daniel Stinehelfer    September 7 at 6:34am

Curious about parking for this event - I have only been to Winthrop as a spectator before. Which parking lots on campus will be available for the Monday qualifying competitors and will a pass/fee be required? Thanks

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Brian Schweberger   September 7 at 11:01am


Sara Nicholson   September 7 at 1:55pm

Winthrop Ball Golf Course and Track Parking Lots for MQ. Competitors will need to walk up the hill to the Shack/Hole 1.

Daniel Stinehelfer   September 8 at 10:13am

Thanks, I see them now!

Bhrahsten Waugh    September 6 at 10:21pm

How do we find out who we are playing with?

Ethan Durland   September 7 at 2:14pm


Brian Schweberger   September 7 at 8:53pm


Orlando Rios    September 6 at 5:46am

Just curious since it’s a qualifier, there isn’t payout right?

Sara Nicholson   September 6 at 1:29pm


Landon Hornacek    September 5 at 9:35pm

Are caddies allowed for the qualifier?

Brian Schweberger   September 6 at 3:11pm


Joshua Pifer    September 5 at 5:00pm

Registered twice on accident.

Sara Nicholson   September 6 at 1:33pm

Hi Joshua - Henry has to handle the refunds. We'll get you taken care of ASAP.

Ben Jeffreys    September 5 at 4:20pm

Can we practice the course the Sunday prior?

Sara Nicholson   September 6 at 8:04pm

Yes. You can practice on Sunday. The USDGC Doubles event will be over at Canaan on Sunday.

Jesse Merritt    September 5 at 4:02pm

I don’t have to be a current PDGA member to participate, but I have to have a current rating? At what point will I have an option to sign up if all tiers are ratings based?


Lance Brown    September 2 at 9:04pm

Really appreciate the tiering system. It's very appropriate for this qualifier.

Luke Callaghan   September 2 at 11:04pm

Such a great addition