Throwdown Showdown V Sponsored by Michelob Ultra (NADGT Last Chance Qualifier)

PDGA logoSat-Sun, October 28-29, 2023 at Met Center in Austin, Texas
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Republic of Texas DGC Annual B tier event held at the Met Center DGC. 2 days, 1 round each day all benefiting ... more
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Samuel DiCarlo    October 28 at 2:24pm

I was planning on warming up at Roy g before heading to Met because there never is very much space to throw at Met. Can this message count as my check in? Also where can I find the caddy book or course notes?

Ryan McCrary   October 29 at 12:29am

I'm sorry I missed this.

Thomas Hapka    October 28 at 9:14am

Will there be a bathroom on site? Where? Thx!

Ryan McCrary   October 28 at 11:16am

Yes, 4, two at the booth area, 1 near hole 6, 1 near hole 13.

Josh k    October 28 at 2:20am

What time is MA3 starting?

Ryan McCrary   October 28 at 3:31am

Tee times are posted on the PDGA site

Ken Ogden    October 28 at 12:34am

Knowing the tee times can help me plan the day. Do we have Sat tee times posted somewhere?

Ryan McCrary   October 28 at 12:39am

ken you will be going first thing, 8-9 hour.

Ken Ogden   October 28 at 1:20am

Thanks. And I guess the MA50 will be right behind us?

Ryan McCrary   October 28 at 2:10am

Nope they are first

Jason Hollis    October 27 at 11:02pm

When can we expect tee times to be posted for Saturday?


Michael Wiseley    October 27 at 3:05pm

Just got in town is it to late to sign up?

Justin Nykiel   October 27 at 4:43pm

same, would love to sign up as well if not too late, didn't realize registration was closing Thursday

Kevin Kunkel   October 27 at 11:34pm

The description says "$20 inconvenience fee if wanting to register after registration closes.”
You may want to email the TD directly before tee times are posted

Samuel Waldorf    October 25 at 3:36pm

When will we receive/figure out our tee time? Thanks!

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Ryan McCrary   October 25 at 9:40pm

Yeah I will have times posted Friday evening.

Ken Ogden   October 27 at 9:52pm

Any line of sight to a tee time schedule?

Ryan McCrary   October 28 at 12:35am

I just got home from marking the OB's and placing tee signs and working on it now.

Jonathan Zygarlenski    October 25 at 2:31am

Is a rain out a possibility? or what are yalls plans for the weather this week.

Ryan McCrary   October 25 at 2:46am

Yes we have plans in case it rains. Lightning will be monitored. With a 40% and 60% chance of rain over 12 counties means we may not have rain, or we may have nothing but rain. Either way we have plans.

Ryan McCrary   October 25 at 9:45pm

So the weather guy says 20% both days so I think we'll be good.

Nick Nielsen    October 20 at 1:16pm

Hey sorry to do this and totally understand if it can't be done, but would it be possible to request that Laramy Spurill and I play on the same card on Saturday? We are traveling together is why. If not I totally understand thanks!

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Tanner McCartney   October 27 at 12:01pm

Awesome. Just wanted to make sure no one was going to get in trouble for it. Have a good event.

Patrick P   October 27 at 1:42pm

@tanner please share the email response the pdga sent you when you reported this?

Vinnie miller   October 27 at 10:13pm

A better scenario would’ve been contacting the TD directly instead of making a public forum

Coley OConnor    October 17 at 3:08am

Would be great to see a three rounder for this event in the future, especially with cooler temps this time of year

Ryan McCrary   October 17 at 3:38am

We're working on making this a 3 day, 3 course event but before we can get to that point, we have to have the attendance to justify it. We will expect 450 players for a 3-day event. That would make this fundraiser something else.

Samuel Waldorf    October 16 at 4:55pm

Hey Ryan! Could you explain a little b it how Qualifying works? I'm wanting to sign-up for the MA3 division. This would be my first tournament ever. Thanks!

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Kyle Harrigan   October 16 at 5:46pm

The winners of each of the following divisions will get an invite: MA1, FA1, MA40, FA40, MA50, FA50, MA60, MA2, FA2, MA3, FA3. If the winner has an invite it moves down. The event starts 11/1 and goes to 11/4, amateur status is required to play.

Kyle Harrigan   October 16 at 5:47pm

Also not all of the listed eligible divisions may be offered for this event, those are just all the Nadgt eligible divisions for 2023.

Samuel Waldorf   October 16 at 10:21pm

Thanks Kyle

Ezra Chaney    October 11 at 4:32pm

Interested in playing MA3 but I work on the weekends. Is there a time range for tee times for MA3 decided yet? Thank you!

Ryan McCrary   October 11 at 4:49pm

Usually I go in this order, MA4, MA60, MA50, MA40, MA3, MA2, MA1 and then Pro. I start at 8am and tee times are about 10 minutes apart. I can say that MA3 will tee off before noon and it's a 3 hour round.

Ryan McCrary   October 11 at 4:50pm

This is based on 150 players, obviously it will be much shorter with less players.

Ezra Chaney   October 18 at 6:54pm

Thanks for the response. Gives me a better idea if I can make it happen.

Roman IV Lopez    September 26 at 1:52pm

I see that there is a MA4, but don't see MA4 listed on NADGT Nationals... What's the purpose of the MA4?

Ryan Wagner   September 26 at 2:01pm

Just like any other tournament, to play a sanctioned round and have fun. The NADGT thing is a bonus for those divisions, this isn't a "normal" NADGT event or NADGT-ran event.

Ryan McCrary   September 26 at 2:20pm

MA40 is the "novice" division. Meant for players just starting out in disc golf. NADGT is for players that have been playing for some time and trying to enter in the Pro field.

Zax Padilla    September 16 at 7:26pm

Is there an ma50 division?

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Ryan McCrary   September 17 at 11:52am

Are you trying to sign up on a phone? if so, try getting on a computer and see how that goes. I just checked and it's there in the drop box.

Zax Padilla   September 18 at 3:36pm

Thank you... That was successful and now that I'm register I see it in the drop-down.

Ryan McCrary   September 19 at 2:46am


Gabriel Teubner    September 10 at 9:20pm

If we qualify at this will we still get the nadgt players pack?

Ryan McCrary   September 10 at 9:41pm

No because this is a Republic of Texas DGC event not a NADGT, this is a chance to qualify for the finals the next week.

Jonathan Zygarlenski    September 6 at 8:59pm

Is ams gonna be cash payout?

Ryan McCrary   September 8 at 11:48pm

No sorry but Ams do not get cash payouts during sanctioned events. They will get a disc Nation gift certificate to use online or in store.

Ryan McCrary   September 8 at 11:48pm

My apologies for not stating that before